Ready for a challenge? These links will give you some thing to think about.We hope that you have the same attitude as the Bereans in chapter 17 of Acts , for they searched out the things that Paul was teaching them . We hope that you have the same spirit as them , you see Paul did not mind them checking him out , in fact , he commended them for it. He called them more noble for their actions.

Anyway  on with the show,

Did you know that the word trinity or tri unity never appears in scripture? You would think that such an important teaching would be mentioned especially if our redemption(salvation) depends upon it !!

Click here for the thesis; WHAT THINK YE OF CHRIST?

The devil is a favorite subject of discussion ;for a lot of people love to hate it .Unfortunately it is not a biblical teaching either .Now there is a "devil" but it is not a "SUPERNATURAL FALLEN ANGEL" You will not find those words together in scripture.


Do we go to heaven when we die? ,  or do we go to the grave to await the ressurection at Jesus's return?What does Jesus save us from ? and how?

Click here for the thesis "THE NATURE AND DESTINY OF MAN"

Now what you are going to read will probably tread on a few toes , but if it holds up to examination why not believe it ? Or at least give it a fair hearing.

These are the Major differences between us and the orthidox churches , now there are others but these are the main ones .

I 'm hoping to put together articles on different teachings from other churches , for example ,I'm in the process of doing a study on "THE SERPENTS SEED" teaching as taken from the Branhamite church. Click here to find out for yourself what they believe

I'm not picking on the Branhamites , I am using them as an example of the type of thing I want to do with this site.