Sleddog Links


Iditarod The Official Iditarod Home Page
IFSS Homepage
Mushing Magazine The Mushing Magazine Online 
iDOG Iditarod Daily Online Guide. 
Anchorage Daily News Iditarod information page. 
UP200 The Upper Peninsula Sled Dog Association's Home Page 
The Yukon Quest The Yukon Quest Home Page 
Mush with PRIDE The Mush with PRIDE homepage 
ABSA Website Affiliated British Sled Dog Activities 
BMA The British Mushers Association 
CSDC The Canberra Sleddog Club
Sled Dog Central
Dog Sled Adventures - California
Dick Tozier Memorial Dog Sled track - Anchorage (photo's) John Gomes.
Working Dog Web-Heritage North Press

Hike: Australia's Monthly Sleddog Magazine


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