Michelle, aged 2

Michelle aged 2½

A Visit from a Rainbow

She said she came to see us
Was playing with her ball
She said she came and held my hand
A wonder to enthrall

She said she went outside with her
Playing on the slide
Was climbing on the gym with her
My ears were opened wide

She came inside for dinner
She shared her food with her
She said she sat upon my knee
My mind was all a blur

My heart was beating faster
When she said she played a tune
On the piano by herself
I felt like I would swoon

Played "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"
And Barney's "I Love You"
This really turned me inside out
My grief was to renew

Our three year old just "saw" her sis'
Who died two years ago
She must be here, I know she is -
A visit from a Rainbow.

Copyright © Sharon K 1998

In the Haze of a Rainbow

In the haze of a rainbow
I see her form appear
Our darling little angel
The child we held so dear

The light, it radiates from her
Then she fades away
Gone again to who knows where
She is not here to stay

I feel her presence in my heart
A warmth comes over me
That soothes the pain of grief I feel
That others cannot see

The impact of that little child
Lives on for evermore
Her memories cherished every day
Come through an opened door

I share them out to all the world
To hear, and feel, and see
Expression of a heartfelt love -
A healing force in me.

Copyright © Sharon K 1998

A Gift From Her Heart

She made me a rainbow
How special that is
I'll treasure it always..
Put me in a tizz

Four years and a half
Since she left my side
A picture of brilliance
My sobs, I can't hide

That face of charisma
That smile full of light
It shines with a radiance
That moves me, this night

It comes to the surface
That pain hidden there
Explodes in a moment
Too much, I can't bear....

Her dear little sister
Picked up on my mood
She made me a rainbow
She did not intrude

She shared in my sadness
She knew how I felt
She made me a rainbow
She made my heart melt

I sang her the song
That's I'd sung to her sis'
Tears rolled down her cheeks
But did not go amiss

They soon petered out
A release from the start
She's made me a rainbow
A gift from her heart.

Copyright © Sharon K 2001

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This song is very special to me as I used to sing it to Michelle while I drove around and around a "circuit" to get her to sleep during the day.  If I got bored and went a different way, she knew, and wouldn't go to sleep.  As long as I went the "right" way, I could predict that she would go to sleep at a particular place after so many repetitions of the "circuit".  As she got older, the number of times I had to drive the "circuit" increased. I sang the song as her casket was being lowered at the crematorium as a final farewell to our little angel.

Rainbow Connection
from   AFC