The Answer

Who is this lady looking at the stars?
Sits thinking she has travelled home from Mars
She looks around, sees things she's never seen
Yet senses memories of where she's been

She notices that people smile and talk
When in the past, dynamics made them baulk
Now suddenly, they have the time of day
When just before, they went upon their way

So who is she, and what's she doing now?
Her vision clear, no sweat upon her brow
Those little things that used to make her seize
She finds are floating lightly in the breeze

Who is this lady looking at the stars?
Who's lightened up with healing of her scars
An unexpected change, so unexplained
She's blessed the past, acknowledged what she's gained

She sits, an empty well, and as the spring
Replenishes her water, hear her sing
The gentle gurgling, trickling; levels rise
She finds her hope and reaches for the skies

Who is this lady? Seems she doesn't know
She realises that there's so far to go
Already travelled far along her way
No longer fearing yet another day

Who is this lady, smiling at the sun
Unleashed, unbridled, freed enough to run?
This lady, who got lost in such a whirr...
The answer is, the lady here is "her".

Copyright © Sharon K. 2002

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