Universal Love

Universal Love

There are voices in the darkness, they are crying for their kin
There's a sobbing, never answered, many hopes are wearing thin
There are people, by the thousands, nursing wounds inside, and out
There's a numbness, there's a blur of disbelief without a doubt

There's collective love emerging, reaching out with such a force
Overpowering, overwhelming, touching those bathed in remorse
There are questions, there's no answers, no solutions to be found
There's no reason for the horrors under rubble on the ground

At the mercy of externals, people on a daily path
No one ever could imagine what would be the aftermath
Through the sorrow, through the darkness, people look towards the light
For a universal love that stirs the whole world to unite.

Copyright © Sharon K. 2001

This poem was written for this Poetry Board set up especially by Mary for healing and hope in the aftermath of the events of September 11, 2001.  Click here: Out of the Ashes

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