Cutting Down the Tree on One Tree Hill

It is 26th October 2000. Today the tree on One Tree Hill got cut down because it was becoming dangerous. Two activists had attacked it on two separate occasions and despite attempts to save it, finally it had to go. Because it is on an archaeological site, with kumara (sweet potato) storage pits from Maori history, long ago, care had to be taken so 1600 tyres were placed to  protect them. The tree was 125 years old, a Monterey Pine Tree. Three helicopters and a crane were used to assist its removal. I will place photos of the process here, when I have had them developed.

   No Tree Hill

   I'm weeping for the tree that's being removed from One Tree Hill
   I'm crying for its soul, it's being cut down against its will
   Dissected branch by branch, a crane is lowering each one
   It works away, all through the day, until the job is done

   I'm crying for the tree. part of a landmark for so long
   I'm weeping for its heart which can no longer sing a song
   I'm grieving for its innocence, its life so cruelly stripped
   By mindless damage, from the Earth its roots are being ripped

   Its image spread around the world, in travellers' trip memoirs
   But nevermore to make impression, underneath the stars
   The helicopter lifts another branch of history
   It carries it to where remains an unsolved mystery

   As I view the topless tree, its trunk still standing firm
   I feel a pain deep in my heart, the tree has served its term
   It represents a part of something in my heritage
   It taps into the cycle of life, living on the edge

   For never, do we ever know, what soon may come to be
   The mystery of life and death is held within this tree.

Copyright © Sharon K. 2000

This is the view from our lounge window taken June 1999:


One Tree Hill at moonlight

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