A Frog in the Pond

This picture was drawn by my daughter, aged ten at the time. I was feeling low at the time and when I saw it, it really cheered me up until I looked at it later and thought the three flowers signified my husband, older daughter and me and that the little one was the Frog in the Pond (that you can hardly see).  I wrote this poem as a result of the anguish I was feeling.  I was worrying like crazy about the possibility of the little one having Batten Disease too.


There's so much weed in the pond
I can't see what's in front of me
How I hate when the shutters are on
How I hate it when I can't see

The beauty surrounding me
My wonderful family
I take them for granted and then
I suddenly go out of my tree

I can be so hard on myself
And the people around me I love
If I could untangle that weed
I could break free and fly up above

So get out the weedkiller now
But don't kill the frog in the pond
It has value it just doesn't know
All it needs is a  huge magic wand

The wand of reality
To untangle this muddled up brain
A realistic and sensible view
Of a well balanced mind under strain

Be kind to yourself little frog
You are doing the best that you can
And tomorrow you'll do even better
It was mapped out when time began!

Copyright © Sharon K 1998

After writing this poem I realised the Frog in the Pond was me!  Everyone else was fine..it was me that had the problem! This is where writing is so useful for me...externalising the worry and gaining awareness of self.

Green Frog coming up!



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