More Poems from Joy
inspired by Michelle

Forever Angel
Little Wings
God's Butterfly
God's Belle

Michelle Jan' 1994 aged 2
Michelle at Perth Airport January 1994

I am finding it amazing that Michelle seems to be "visiting" Joy, who has never met her, and inspiring more poems.  These two have just come to Joy around the time of what would have been Michelle's 8th Birthday on March 29th 1999.  Thank you again Joy for sending these beautiful poems to me.....they really mean more to me than I can say in words.


To those who say they're sorry
You're not with me any more
I say you're behind a curtain
You haven't closed a door

You'll always be within my heart
Throughout all time and space
I think of you, and in my mind
I see your shining face

I feel your loving presence
And your gentle angel's touch
With your laughter in my heart
I don't miss you... quite so much

Our bonds cannot be severed
Our lives remain entwined
Forever you'll be with me
In my heart, and soul, and mind.

Copyright  © Joy Sawyer 1999


There is a friend who visits me,
I call her "Little Wings."
She's always welcome in my home,
Such joy this angel brings!

She never asks a by your leave,
She never calls to say.
"Get ready, 'cause I'm coming
To visit you today!"

I feel a hug within my heart,
Or see a butterfly,
And all at once I know she's there,
"Little Wings" is nearby.

Never does she make demands,
She doesn't stay for long,
She never takes, but always gives
A prayer, or a poem, or a song. 

She always has a shining smile,
Her heart is full of love,
And messages of hope and glory,
Sent from God above.

This butterfly from Heaven, 
Into my heart she springs,
A special, happy little sprite,
Who flies on "Little Wings!"

Copyright  © Joy Sawyer 1999

Coming up to Michelle's birthday, March 2000, a year after the above two, these poems came to Joy as she was walking in her garden:



I was walking in the garden
Looking everywhere
For a lovely little "Butterfly"
Who used to visit there

She used to flit among the flowers
And light upon my face
But, alas, she was not there
To brighten up the place

Still, the memories bring me joy
And fill my soul with peace
The love and happiness she brought
Can never, ever cease

Though she's moved on, in time and space
To teach some other heart
The blessings left within my soul
Never will depart.

She visits those who need to learn
New lessons from above
She flits from heart, to heart, to heart
Teaching Heavenly love

This special "Butterfly" is sent
To those who need to see
How wondrous are the works of God;
How precious life can be 

But, OH! I miss that "Papillion"
That twinkling, tinkling Belle
Who changed my life forever;
God's sweet angel named Michelle.

Copyright  © Joy Sawyer 2000



I did not see her with my eye
Or hear her with my ear
And yet I knew, within my soul
That she was very near

The smallest little touch of wind
Like dancing butterflies
And all at once my heart can see 
Her sparkling angel eyes

She's with me always, every day
He smile makes me smile, too.
She brings a special loving touch
To all I say and do.

I'm grateful for this special child
Whose laughter is God's "Belle"
A darling, dancing butterfly;
An angel named Michelle.

Copyright  © Joy Sawyer 2000

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