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Open up your heart
Let the love pour in
Embrace me in your arms
Feel the light pour in

Filling up your being
Right down to the soul
Feel it, Maman, feel it
Feel your life being whole

Let the block release
Let universal love
Pour into your heart
From 'round you and above

Once that love is flowing
You can send it out
Cleanse the parts within yourself
Then share without a doubt

Know that it is yours to keep
Know that it's for sharing
Know you hold the key to life
See how well you're faring

Tears, they welled up in your eyes
The lids were closed, when seeds were sowed
When you opened them to see
An unexpected torrent flowed

Pouring down your cheeks, they were
Tears of grief, so plentiful
Stay in touch, my dear Maman
You truly are so beautiful.......

Copyright © Sharon K 1999

28.2.99   Michelle came to me, said hold out your arms, let love in, so you can send it out
I felt the energy, and after, I saw a bright light like a twinkling star disappear up to the left.  When I opened my eyes a flood of tears poured out that I didn't even know were there.  She kept calling me Maman, I don't know why.

The following poem was written by a friend, in response to the above poem when I sent it to her to read.  She also wrote a poem  about Michelle, called Michelle's Love 

I am very touched that Joy shared this poem with me and gave me permission to include it on my home page.  Thank you, Joy!



Happy little French girl
   With a message full of love,
For the one who was her Maman
   Before she went above.

Perhaps again she's on this earth,
   Once more a sparkling 'Belle',
Whom God has sent to those who need
   This little French Michelle.

For she is surely one to teach
   Great lessons from on high...
She teaches with a flood of tears,
   Or the softest lullaby.

She knows her love will always have
   A home within your heart,
But love's to share with others,
   And she'll help you make a start.

So treasure moments that she brings,
   The energy and light,
Then send them out to others
   Who do not yet have the sight

To see the truth that all must learn...
   Life's battles must be won!
An Angel shares her secret...
   That 'tis love will make us one.

Copyright © Joy Sawyer 1999

Joy has also written the following poem which came to her after a butterfly visiting her.  She wrote to me:  "I was trying to get some of my gardening done today when I got sidetracked... by guess who!! Having done this, I am now headed back outside."
She didn't know what had happened to me a few days before to do with butterflies. If you would like to know, read my poem called "Anchor"

I was working in my garden,
When I when I felt within my mind,
That no longer was I all alone,
Yet no other did I find.

That is, there was nobody there,
To be seen with earthly eye,
But she was there... I know it,
I saw the butterfly.

She flitted around, inspected the flowers,
Then lit upon my hand,
We looked at each other, my mind seemed to hear,
"I'm glad you understand."

"I'm glad you can see me, and know I am near,
and hear the songs I sing.
And know that when I visit you,
It's God's blessings that I bring!"

"You know I'm not a butterfly,
You know it very well,
But a special visitor to your heart...
You know me as Michelle."

"I'll visit you often, and I will bring,
 Some special thoughts of caring,
For you to give to those you love,
For love means selfless sharing."

Thank God I'm allowed this angel to see,
She gives my spirits a lift. 
Yes, thank you for sharing Michelle with me, 
She's such a wonderful gift!

Copyright © Joy Sawyer 1999

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