A Moth to the Flame


A Moth to the Flame

There's a little angel watching
She is peering at the light
That is streaming from the window
In the darkness of the night

She is drifting to the treetops
She's examining the "flowers"
She is perching on the branches
Watching over me for hours

Yes, I know that she's still with me
No, she didn't want to go
Yes, I know she comes to visit
Please don't question how I know

There are no words to explain it
As the answer's deep within
In a rarely accessed kingdom
All the knowledge lies therein

There's a little angel watching
Like a moth drawn to the flame
Teaching me that with each moment
Things will never be the same

There's a little angel watching
How I long to be with her
Someday, out there, reuniting
Painful sadness, left a blur.

Copyright © Sharon K. 2000

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