Poems by Sharon
My Heart
The Power of Dreams
Guardian Angel
Taking Its Toll
A Selection of Poems
Universal Love
Release from the Heart
Stress Poems  (more see below)
Sibling Poems
Open Up Your Heart
In the Haze of a Rainbow
On the Road to Recovery
Michelle Leaving
Both Ways
A Frog in the Pond
 The Wheelie & The Wheelie Bath
I Don't Want To Go To School
I Do Want To Go To School
Letting Go
More Tears
No Tree Hill
 Fly Little Angel, Fly
A Moth to the Flame
A Gift From Her Heart
The Forgotten Dream
A Visit from a Rainbow
The Answer


Poems relating to Michelle's birth and death
(please be warned  photos on these pages were taken after Michelle died - do not go there if that is difficult for you to handle as it may disturb some people)
Michelle I
A Shattered Dream


Poems by Joy Sawyer
Michelle's Love
La Belle
The Visitor in my Heart
Forever Angel
Little Wings
God's Butterfly
God's Belle

Joy "met" Michelle by visiting this site and has been inspired to write the above  poems as a result of being "intoduced" to Michelle.  I am honoured to have permission to include them on  my home page.  It is such a special thing to have someone I have never met share these poems with me.

Poems by Larry A Tilander
A Bon Voyage
March or Dance
(This poem was posted on my cousin's poetry message board and I answered it with "More Tears")

My cousin has a site called Only Human where you can find more poems relating to stress - click here

A Poem by Wayne & Jeanie Neighbours
Chasing Peace
(Part of the above poem was posted in reply to my poem "Searching", on a poetry message board)

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