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10 March 2002 A Poem about moving forward The Answer

8 December 2001 Another Stress Poem Taking Its Toll

5 November 2001 Two more Stress Poems - one by Sharon  K. and the other by Larry A. Tilander. The Power of Dreams
March or Dance

22 September 2001 Added the mp3 file of the song Letting Go  Letting Go

17 September 2001 A poem about the plane disasters in USA on 11 September 2001 Universal Love

11 June 2001 A poem about my 5 year old making me a rainbow when I was grieving A Gift From Her Heart

21 May 2001 A poem for kids about having a blood test. My Bloodtest Story

4 May 2001 A poem about stress Stress

12 March 2001 A new poem inspired by the Snowflowers story A Moth to the Flame

(The old one is being shut down by Inside the Web on 5th March 2001)
Expression of Grief

17 December 2000 A Poem written after the presentation mentioned below, that triggered off grief inside me. Anguish

17 December 2000 Michelle's story, written for a presentation to the Royal Commission on Genetic Modification Michelle's Life
(please be warned two photos on that page were taken after she died)

9 December 2000 A Xmas Story by Larry A. Tilander
based on Michelle, although there isn't snow at Xmas where she lived! 
Snow Flowers

1 December 2000 Link to ADD/ADHD Support Group Online Links Page

25 November 2000 Poem about letting go Fly Little Angel, Fly

22 November 2000 Photos covering Michelle's life and captions summarising what happened to her.  Two poems Michelle's entire life
(please be warned two photos on that page were taken after she died)

26 October 2000 A Poem about the tree on One Tree Hill being removed today No Tree Hill

17 September 2000 Two new poems, one by me, one by Larry A. Tilander.  Read them together. A Bon Voyage by Larry
More Tears by Sharon

Sept 2000 Joined a new poetry webring Partners in Rhyme

11 August 2000 After a Memorial Service where we released balloons for our Heart
Children I wrote this poem
Letting Go

23 July 2000 Questions & Answers about when Michelle was dying, photo as well,
plus last photo of her alive
Questions & Answers
Last Photo

7 July 2000 Searching by me and Chasing Peace by Wayne & Jeanie Neighbors Searching and Chasing Peace

30 May 2000 Two more poems from Joy Sawyer God's Butterfly and God's Belle

1 April 2000 People's Reactions - poems & text Other's Reactions

14 March 2000 Chat with me or leave a message - Human Click

20 Feb 2000 Poems written when Michelle was dying Michelle Leaving

7 November 1999 A poem written 4 days before Michelle died  Both Ways

10 Oct 1999 A poem about when Michelle died Guardian Angel

6 Oct 1999 Joined another poetry webring Rhyme & Meter Ring

6 May 1999 A poem about recovery On the Road to Recovery (To the Osteopath)

17 April 1999 A link added for bereaved siblings - Julie's Place Links Page

15 April 1999 A message board for siblings of children with Special Needs.  Share experiences and make new friends - mainly for kids Siblings Message Board

8 April 1999 Two new poems by Joy
"Forever Angel" and  "Little Wings"
Joy's Poems

6 April 1999 Link of pictures around New Zealand Webcam NZ Links Page

5 April 1999 New page of photos.  Photos page 4

31  March 1999 2 new links:  to Heart Children NZ Inc and to Sibkids - a site for siblings of kids with Special Needs Links Page

26 March 1999 A Poem by me inspired by feeling sad about a visit to a Butterfly Park Anchor

26 March 1999 Another poem by Joy about a butterfly visiting her while gardening The Visitor in my Heart

6 March 1999 Two new poems, one by me and one by Joy as a reponse to the one I wrote "Open Up Your Heart"& "La Belle"

30 January 1999 A New Link-Rainbow Connection To Link's Page

4 January 1999 Slug's Den link added To Links Page

4 January 1999 A little about siblings and 3 poems Poems for Parents & Siblings

22 December 1998 Photo page page 3 photos

14 December 1998 Poem: "In the Haze of a Rainbow"
Music "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" added
Poetry Index page

10 December 1998 Music: "Heal the World" added to: The Wheelie & Wheelie Bath page

10 December 1998 Explanation of why I used the Rainbow Connection Music - I got a real knot in my stomach writing that! "A Visit from a Rainbow" - Poem

8 December 1998 Music: "And I Love Her" added to: "Michelle's Love" -  Poem

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