To Michelle
What To Do?

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Go to the angels, our little one
Before our eyes see the morning sun
It's hard to see you suffer so
It's also hard to let you go
Our dear Michelle, please be at peace
And from your anguish, find release.

Copyright  © Sharon K 1996





Who is in the most pain?
Is it me or you?
It's just I cannot bear your fate
There's nothing I can do
But ride it out another night
And take things as they are
And when I can accept your fate
I'll surely travel far.

Copyright  © Sharon K 1996




Our little girl has left us
And now her spirit's free
Just like a little butterfly
She's flown away from me

Just where she's gone I do not know
But what she's left behind
I'll treasure 'til my final days
In archives in my mind

Her contribution touched the hearts
Of many whom she met
In a special unique way
A way they can't forget

Our dear Michelle, who came to us
To teach us how to love
Has done her task so off she's gone
Back to her place above

I feel so sad that she has gone
But feel relieved as well
She's free from her helpless cocoon
As far as I can tell

I give my thanks for what she brought
I've grown a lot since then
And may this heartache slowly fade
And let me live again

Copyright  © Sharon K 1996




There's nothing I can do
But watch and wait and see
There's nothing I can do
But live, and let it be

There's nothing I can do
To change the way you are
There's nothing I can do
But grow, and travel far

There's nothing I can do
To take me back in time
There's nothing I can do
It seems and awful crime

The answer lies within myself
I'm hovering on the brink
There's really nothing I can do
But change the way I think

Copyright © Sharon K 1994

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I have a little daughter
Her given name, Michelle
She seems quite happy really
As far as I can tell

She's been through lots of trauma
In hospitals, and out
Just how it did affect her
I cannot tell about

She's sensitive and gentle
At times the other way
Like any other child
She wants to have her way

Through her, I've looked inside me
And found a strength within
It sometimes seems I've lost it
I feel I cannot win

I flounder 'round to find it
To help survive the day
When my whole self is challenged
In a most unyielding way

I manage quite well really
So I am told by all
But please, my friend, support me
If you hear my plaintive call.

Copyright © Sharon K 1994

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