She's packaged in sunshine
and innocent youth,
Yet filled with the knowledge 
Of ancient truth.

Such a beautiful child
Whose eyes seem to say,
With courage and hope,
"I love life today!"

I'll stay in your life
But a little while,
And every day,
I'll teach you to smile."

"I'll teach you to hope,
I'll teach you to love,
Then I must return
To my God above."

And though we mortals
Do not understand
The things in life
That God has planned,

On this shining face
You can see very well
The meaning of love...
And she's called Michelle.

Copyright © Joy Sawyer 1998
 This poem was written by a very special lady who visited my home page and was inspired by Michelle.  It meant so much to me that I asked her permission to share this poem here as a tribute to Michelle.  Joy has written another poem called "La Belle" and you will find it here

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