Two poems to be read together:
A Bon Voyage by Larry A. Tilander
More Tears by Sharon K.

A Bon Voyage

Now hide away this vulgar shell I bear
I've duties far beyond the sight of man
I shed this mortal image that I wear
Somewhere, somehow, I follow a new plan
My friends, my friends, I will forget you not
Perhaps you will someday remember me
And find me in the place to which I roam
That lies so far beyond that starry sea
For this shall be another bon voyage
Amongst the many journeys I have known
So in this new land I will travel now
As here, soon many friendships will have grown

So say farewell old friend and shake my hand
Until we meet up in that far off land

Copyright © Larry A. Tilander 2000
Larry and his Traditional Poetry 


Larry wrote the above poem and posted it to my cousin's poetry message board,
The Ultimate Challenge, and I answered it with the poem below.  Larry has kindly
given me permission to include his poem on my page.

More Tears

I sit here and the tears well up in me
From reading words that reach so easily
The grief that lies so close beneath my skin
That grief I feel, when parted from my kin
I think I know that there's a better place
But I won't know for sure 'til that I face
And sometimes thinking that, will ease my pain
Which now is fading, truly, in the main
'Though sometimes words will bring it to the fore
And I will sit and cry again some more
Those memories and not forgotten dreams
Are trapped inside for evermore, it seems

'Til comes the day when life will set me free
And I may find that immortality.

Copyright © Sharon K. 2000

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Background © Larry A. Tilander 2000
Larry and his Traditional Poetry