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"Tui" award for Best Children's Album in the 2000 NZ Music Awards.

The logical follow-up album to Jennifer's Garden is of course Jennifer's House. This is another quality album aimed at the 0-7 year old age group, full of original songs with a 'house' theme. Meet the friendly mouse, itchy dog and some nocturnal friends. Join in with some crazy baking and sweeping, and learn about recycling. Above all have lots of fun dancing, dusting, stamping, and clapping to the groovy beat.

Professionally recorded here in New Zealand, featuring live instrumentalists, plus Jennifer's two young sons, Oscar & Jack, as vocalists.

The musical styles on this album range from latin, big band, and tango, to beautiful ballads. Adults and older children will like the sophisticated styles too - recognising that this music will tend to be played over and over (and over) again!


'...Jennifer's House is great! It provokes the imagination, encourages listeners participation and is music that my kids love!'
Debbie Doidge, mother of three

'...More child-friendly songs from the talented Jennifer Moss. A friendly, assured performance, with varying pace and instrumentation.
Plenty of interest for young listeners.'
Alice Bulmer, Little Treasures magazine

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Track List

1. Hi! How you doing? Moss, arr.Sattler click here to play sample!
2. My Dog has Fleas!
Sattler, Cambage, Fallon (ABC)
3. How many people live at your house?
Winner, arr.Moss, Sattler
4. Tatu Tatu Maia (Stamp your feet)
Moss, Sattler
5. Hickory Dickory Dock
Moss, arr.Sattler
6. Squeak! Squeak!
Trad, arr.Moss, Sattler
7. Have you met my Cat?
Moss, arr.Sattler
8. Recycle
Moss, Sattler
9. Washing Machine
Sattler, Cambage, Fallon (ABC)
10. Open the page...
Moss, arr.Sattler click here to play sample!
11. Crazy Cake
Moss, arr.Sattler click here to play sample!
12. I'm a little teapot
Trad, arr.Moss, Sattler, Veale, Molland
13. Houseplay!
Sattler (ABC)
14. Te Aniwaniwa (The Rainbow)
Moss, arr.Sattler
15. I love my house
Moss, arr.Sattler
16. Spike!
Moss, Veale
17. Nocturnal Tango
Moss, arr.Sattler click here to play sample!
18. Dream
Sattler (ABC)
(all songs published by Noteworthy Productions Ltd (NZ) except where indicated)

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