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"Tui" award for Best Children's Album in the 1999 NZ Music Awards.

This debut solo album is an inspired blend of musical styles which are fun, entertaining and non-patronising. Designed for children up to 7 years (older children love it too!), the album takes them on an adventure through the garden in song.

Climb a tree and check out the view, meet the different animals who visit - a family of ducks, buzzy bee, the wiggliest of worms eating up the compost, Mr Frog, go flying with the birds and discover lots about gardening.

This album was profesionally produced and recorded here in New Zealand and employs LIVE MUSICIANS!

Cleverly paced and ranging from beautiful ballads, to hip-hop, jazz and honky-tonk, the musical styles are varied and sophisticated. Definitely catering for the parents ears as well!


'...The kids and staff love Jennifer's Garden so much that we've worn it out!'
Mary Pick, Angels Childcare

'...It's fun for kids...pace is varied, the tunes simple and the pitch is high so its easy for kids to join in...plenty of action songs.'
Alice Bulmer, Little Treasures Magazine

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Track List

1. Welcome to my Garden Moss, arr.Sattler
2. My Cat Moss, arr.Sattler
3. Climbing Trad, arr.Sattler,Moss click here to play sample!
4. I wish I were a bird Moss, Arr.Sattler
5. Ducks Trad, arr.Sattler
6. Gardening clothes Sattler (ABC)
7. Dig Sattler, Cambage, arr.Moss (ABC)
8. Red Wheelbarrow Sattler (ABC)
9. Raindrops Moss, Arr.Sattler
10. Mr Frog Trad, arr.Sattler,Moss
11. Incy Wincy Spider Trad, arr.Sattler
12. Big Fat Hairy Spider Sattler, Cambage (ABC)
13. Teeny Weeny Spider Sattler, Cambage (ABC)
14. Va'ai la'u fuala'au (See my pretty flower) Trad, arr.Sattler
15. Buzz Sattler, Moss click here to play sample!
16. Tea in my Garden Moss, Arr.Sattler
17. Te Aniwaniwa (The Rainbow) Wardrop, arr.Sattler (UCA)
18. Fairy Bells Sattler (ABC)
19. Fairy Flowers Moss, Arr.Sattler
20. Wiggley Worms Moss, Arr.Sattler click here to play sample!
21. Forever (Oscar's Song) Moss, Arr.Sattler click here to play sample!
(all songs published by Noteworthy Productions Ltd (NZ) except where indicated)

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