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You have reached the website of Sarah Henderson.  Last updated on October 2003.

This site is no longer being maintained.  All the information about waiheke, kiwiana, kiwi slang and the rest will stay for the foreseeable future, but I will not be adding to or updating this site.

For details about my work and research, you can visit my staff homepage at the University of Auckland .


I am blessed enough to have spent my life living on beautiful Waiheke Island, in the Hauraki Gulf of New Zealand. This section will tell you a bit about the history of the island, and also some of the islands attractions today.

kiwi slang

For those people not from New Zealand, some of our language can be confusing. And even for native NZers, some of the slang is pretty funny. So here I've collected up some kiwi sayings, past and present.


This is just a small dose of New Zealand culture. It includes some kiwi recipes, a guide to Maori pronunciation, translating Maori place names, plus a few other things.


Here you'll find photos, partly of Waiheke scenery, but also some of other beautiful places in New Zealand. I now have access to a scanner, so I hope to add more photos over the next few months.

odds & ends

This section is just things I wanted to put here but didn't really know where. There's a guide to networking 2 PCs, some short stories, some applets, and some graphics stuff


Having a links section seems to be mandatory, (and I don't want this site to be a dead end) so I've included my own list of my favourite places in cyberspace.