1.  LETTER -  J. PORTER TO WATERCARE -- 26 | 8 | 94

Mr Mark Bourne
Watercare Services Ltd
21 Pitt St

Mt Eden

26 August 1994.

Dear Mark,

Re.  Our meeting on 14th June to discuss my rainfall production proposal.

Enclosed for your information is a draft proposal that I drew up after our brief meeting at A.R.C. House. You will notice that the Appendix contains documentation relating to the cultural, historical, and scientific context for my proposal. Much of it is self explanatory and relatively easy to comprehend. Further details relating to any aspect of the material enclosed will be supplied at our next meeting, should that eventuate.

Despite the fact that my efforts to arrange another meeting between 14th June and 1st July received a less than encouraging response, I am still optimistic that the current delay in the pipeline decision will allow you time to give serious consideration to my proposal. I look forward to the opportunity of explaining to you and Richard Chandler why my rainfall production process is a realistic, safe, and cost effective alternative to the pipeline.

I am aware however, that the inherent nature of my proposal may make it difficult for anyone with a monocultural background to fully appreciate the benefits of indigenous traditions, particularly when it concerns weather modification. Nevertheless as I pointed out in the Introduction to my proposal, there is at least one indigenous group that has, for thousands of years, successfully practised its own form of rainfall production without any need for modern technology.

In conclusion, I feel that I should draw your attention to a section of Watercare’s Environmental policy which states: 
(p.12  Community / Cultural) “Watercare acknowledges that it operates in a culturally diverse community. It will seek to recognise and where practicable provide for the relationship of the Maori and their culture and traditions with their ancestral lands, water, …and other taonga and give regard to kaitiakitanga …within the area of its operations.”
It would seem that Watercare is fulfilling its obligations insofar as the Tainui people and the Waikato river is concerned, but I am not convinced that this is the case as far as traditional weather modification methods are concerned. (Refer to Appendix A.2 Maori tradition pp. 5 – 6)

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,