T. M. Srinivasan, Ph.D.
Dr. Srinivasan received a Ph.D. in Electron Physics at Goteborg, Sweden, after which he returned to his native India to help set up a Biomedical Engineering department at Madras. During 1977-1978, he was in charge of the Institute of Yoga studying prevention and cure through yoga. He served as Chairman of the International Conference on Energy Medicine at Madras during March, 1987, the papers from which are reported in his edited book, Energy Medicine Around the World.

    Dr. Srinivasan joined the A.R.E. Medical Clinic, in Phoenix, Arizona, during April, 1988, in order to investigate the holistic health concepts in the Cayce material as well as work on acupuncture diagnostics. He joined the John E. Fetzer Institute at Kalamazoo, Michigan in November,1989, and worked to set up a lab to investigate medical devices available in the holistic health area. Presently, he works in Phoenix, Arizona with holistic practitioners.

    Dr. Srinivasan likes to think of energy medicine based on two components, namely the exogenous and endogenous energy systems. The external energy applied in the former case interacts with the internal energy/informational systems in the body to produce healing and/or homeostasis. (Note that healing need not imply a homeostatic balance in the body). In the latter case of endogenous energy system, the energy within the body is manipulated through methods such as meditation, Tai Chi, and visualization. It seems that most healing procedures can be categorized as one or the other of these types. Of course, scientists must still deal with mind-body problems within these categories, so here is yet another definition adding to an already confusing array of ideas arising in this field! 

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