Body Mind Spirit : Exploring the Parapsychology of Spirituality
by Charles T. Tart (Editor)

With Body Mind Spirit the leading figures in parapsychology finally break the self-imposed silence that has sequestered the field behind a wall of methodology and laboratory data. Researchers, including William Roll, Michael Grosso, and Rhea White, reveal how their work and that of their peers is a prelude to a transformation in the relationship between science and spirituality. While Body Mind Spirit doesn't spend time arguing for the validity of paranormal phenomena, it is no less important than any experimental test data in its efforts to crack Western dogma that has relegated science to the material world and designated the church as sole proprietor of the spiritual realm. The paradigm presented by these authors opens the door to scientific exploration of a milieu that transcends the boundaries set by mainstream science. 

Addressing the split between practitioners of science and those of spirituality, Charles Tart presents the considerations of well-known researchers and authors such as William Roll, Ramakrishna Rao, Michael Grosso, and Jeffrey Mishlove on such subjects as God, life after death, channeling, and other dimensions. A ground-breaking work that may surprise many readers. 

The author, Charles T. Tart ( , February 8, 1998
The world's most powerful (and negative) religion is Scientism, and you, dear reader, are a member of that church at least part of the time, whether you know it or not. A lot of (useless) conflict and suffering has occurred in our lives because of that. 
Scientism is what happens to essential science when there is a mental hardening of the arteries, when arrogance makes us think we know it all and automatically scoff at and dismiss anything that doesn't fit our supposedly scientific beliefs, our "ism." Scientism scoffs at and invalidates the entire spiritual nature of people and so causes great suffering, for when any real part of us is denied, we get psychologically sick. 
High quality, essential science, specifically rigorous work in parapsychology, shows the mind can do things that the brain and body, the material part, the only part of humanity that Scientism recognizes, cannot do, and the implications of these findings (which is what "Body Mind Spirit" is all about) open us to look at the realm of spirit without rejecting all the good aspects of science. I believe knowledge of these findings and their implications is vital for our mental and spiritual health as modern people.
In essence, I am now proud to be both a tough-minded scientist AND a spiritual seeker, and this book is about why I can say that. I hope it will also help you toward a better integration of our spiritual and rational sides, which are both part of Reality.

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