Spirit and Consciousness
(c) 2001 Robert Neil Boyd

Many years ago, I walked out of the lab, across the parking lot heading for my car, when I realized something was wrong.
I stopped dead in my tracks, trying to discern what it was that was wrong. I looked around, and then it struck me...I had forgotten that there was a sun in the sky! I had become so involved with the technical world that I had lost all track of reality. (It doesn't work to live that way, believe me!)
Then I remembered how it used to be for me when I was a kid, and everything was clear and I was happy so much of the time chasing lizards, catching rattlesnakes, and all the other things we used to do in the Texas panhandle to entertain ourselves. I was a wild animal, free, and exploring everything. I wanted it back. I knew that when I had been involved with Nature, that I always had felt good. And now here I was, not involved with nature at all!
I wanted to fix that.
So I did.
I decided that from there on, I would make time each day to get out into Nature to appreciate and admire it and to find out about how Nature did things in my home, now in Maryland.
I started out into the wilderness as soon as I reached my car, and spent at least one hour, in each and every day, exploring Nature where I lived. I have been doing this since 1983.
Needless to say, if you spend an hour a day exploring something, you'll eventually find out a few things about it...
The next event in the sequence was when I decided I wanted to find out for myself the answer to the question "Is there God?"
In my scientific way, in order to find out the facts about this, I wanted to be sure that I entertained no prejudices on the topic.
To accomplish the condition of having no prejudices, so as to find out for myself, through my own experiences, observations, and experiments, the answer to the question, I went through several years of eliminating all my socially inherited prejudices in the areas of philosophy and religion. I needed to start from a perfectly clean slate on the topic to arrive at the truth. The experiencable truth. The facts, at first hand.
So, I did that. I threw out everything I had ever heard about any religion or philosophy. All of them. Every bit of it.
Then I started exploring, perfectly on my own resources, for the answer(s) to the original question.
At the end of the next five years, I had found what I was looking for, at first hand. That was just the first answer. Then, of course, many new questions arose due to my discoveries, each of which I began to find out about in the same way I had done with the first question. Years later, I took my head out of the water of my individual and very private researches, and looked about to see if any other person on the face of the earth had ever found such things.
Indeed, there were others...
The Taoists, the Bhuddists, Jainism, Shintoism, Judaism, Hinduism, Gnostic Christianity, etc., all had small segments, bits and pieces, fragments of what I'd found out. But none of them had all of it.
What surprized me the most, was when I discovered that the Indiginous Spiritual Practices of all the Native peoples, the world over, reported exactly the same experiences and results that I had had. I was amazed! And relieved to know that I was not the only one who had found these things.
So, the way the world is, the way things actually are, is not in accord with any of the major religions. None of them.
Now, rather than debate this statement with you, I'd rather you find out for yourself, what the truth is, what the facts are, through your own experiences and explorations.
In this regard, I draw your attention to the "Basic Practices" of Harmony Dynamics. These practices will give you the same results I had after years of painstaking explorations and discoveries and insights, in a very short time, through your own experiences. What happens when you do these practices, is that you have many amazing experiences for yourself. These results may well expand your understanding of your religion, whatever it is.
Just let what will happen for you speak for itself, and then go on to explore the vast array of experiences and wonders that will arise for you as you do these practices regularly over years of time. The more you do these, the more results you get, the more wonders you behold.
So try these practices and explore for yourself what happens and what you see, as a result of doing these practices, exactly as written.
If it is your intention to think about what might happen were you to actually do these practices, then you are in a position of theorizing what "razzleberry" pie tastes like, without ever tasting it. No, unless you eat the pie, you will never know what razzleberrys actually taste like, will you?

So, without further ado, here is a link to the "Basic Practices":
Also found at the homepage under the term "Penetrating Insight" at: ("Worlds Within Worlds" )

Do please enjoy yourself.

And please enjoy the many worlds around you.