WALKER, Ranginui (1932– ), Whakatohea, associate professor of Maori studies at Auckland University (Te Wananga o Waipapa), became known to the broader public in the 1980s with his regular columns in *NZ Listener and *Metro, although he had published many academic papers before that. The wide range of his interests makes his writing an invaluable source of information on Maori literature, as well as many other topics. 

His book-length publications include Nga Tau Tohetohe (1987), a collection of his finest columns, and Ka Whawhai tonu Matou: Struggle without End (1990), an unusual book of Maori history, as well as more specialised works: The Political Development of the Maori People in New Zealand (1984), The Meaning of Biculturalism (1986), History of Maori Activism (1983), The Treaty of Waitangi (1983), Perceptions and Attitudes of the New Generation of Maoris to Pakeha Domination (1981), Liberating Maori from Educational Subjection (1991) and Nga Mamae o te Iwi Maori: Te Ripoata o te Hui i Turangawaewae (1987).