Correspondence with Marlborough District Council

Subject: Drought relief for Marlborough and other areas.
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 13:33:07 +1200
From:  John Porter <>
CC:  Mayor Gerald Hope - 7100 <>,, etc.

Dear Mr Hope,
Concerning my fax offer of 13 March and your email response of Friday 27 April. I note that despite predictions that the drought would end by 24 April, monthly rainfall and groundwater levels for the Canterbury/Marlborough regions remain significantly below average.
According to a news report today, NIWA forecasts that "Below average to average rainfall was expected over the next three months". So now, the next expected drought-breaker has shifted to October/November.
Meanwhile, costs continue while farmers and other water-users wait in frustration as predictions are "adjusted" yet again.
If my offer had been accepted and action taken in May, the drought problem would now be resolved.
Is this going to be a repeat of the '97-98 fiasco?
I look forward to your response.

John Porter


Subject: RE: Drought relief for Marlborough and other areas.
Date:  Wed, 11 Jul 2001 12:12:02 +1200
From: Mayor Gerald Hope - 7100 <>
To:  'John Porter' <>

thank you for your views.  I await the continuation of winter rains.


Subject: Re: Drought relief for Marlborough and other areas.
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 10:44:28 +1200
From: John Porter <>
To: Mayor Gerald Hope - 7100 <>
CC:, etc.

Dear Mr. Hope,
Appreciate your reply, however brief. [...]
I've been monitoring weather forecasts and patterns for the Marlborough/Canterbury region and do not share your optimism about winter rains. The probable scenario is a continuation of near-drought conditions.
You are very welcome to contact me later if you and your colleagues feel that my services will be required. They are certainly more cost efficient than the conventional methods used earlier this year.

John Porter


DATE: 2 October 2001

TO: Mr. Gerald Hope
       Marlborough District Council
PHONE: 03 - 578 5249 
FAX:  03 - 578 6866
CC: Mr. Andrew Besley, Chief Executive.

TIME: 11 : 00 am

FROM :   John Porter
                PO Box 56 334,
                Dominion Rd, 
                Mt Eden, 
                Auckland  1030
PHONE / FAX:   09 - 846 0848


SUBJECT:  re. Drought relief for Marlborough and other areas.

Dear Mr. Hope,
Further to our correspondence in July. It now appears that your faith in winter rains has been badly misplaced... 
Unfortunately for your constituents September forecasts also say, “weather patterns experienced in the South Island for most of this year are likely to continue into spring and early summer.”... 
My offer remains open if you wish to take advantage of it.

John Porter