COMMENT: At present, the Pakeha government threat to extinguish Maori customary title to the foreshore and seabed has provoked intense emotions which have been further inflamed by racist media and politicians.
The issue will have obvious implications for the Waitangi claim for the Atmosphere but in any future negotiation Pakeha government will not be allowed to dictate terms about compensation or title. Weather engineering will be intensified until it realises that it is dealing with an opponent of equal or greater power and agree to negotiate on that basis. Apparently, Pakeha (and several Maori politicians) are experiencing collective dementia and are unable to perceive, much less understand, the warning signs. In the email below, TWM spells these out.

The purpose? To demonstrate that the Pakeha powerbase and control system is vulnerable and can be easily challenged.
Subject    More than a Power Crisis: Tino Rangatiratanga is the issue.
Date         Mon, 19 May 2003 17:19:30 +1200
From       John Porter <>
To            Rt Hon Helen Clark <>
CC           Hon Dr Michael Cullen <>,
                "Hon. Bill English" <>, et al.

ATTENTION: Prime Minister - Rt. Hon Helen Clark,
Tena koe e Helen,

The current power crisis is the end result of actions performed by TWM, a Maori weather modification service and Treaty partner.

Low hydro lake levels is just one of numerous weather disasters that have been engineered over the past decade. The economic cost of that activity is now in the tens of billions of dollars. Consider it as TWM's response to the "Fiscal Envelope" fiasco.

Pakeha politicians and media have constantly threatened a "White backlash" against what they call "special privileges" being granted to Tangata Whenua under the Treaty of Waitangi. Engineered weather-related disasters is TWM's answer to those threats. These will continue until Tino Rangatiratanga is achieved and Tangata Whenua assume full autonomy and independence in Aotearoa NZ.  [...]


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