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A Changing Worldview - Willis Harman
A Constitutional Timebomb [New Zealand constitution] - Ian Wishart (INVESTIGATE: FEB 00)
A Heretic for Our Times [Rupert Sheldrake] - Jay Walljasper
A Question of Honour? Labour and the Treaty 1984-1989 -
Jane Kelsey
A Scientist's Thoughts about Redefining our Concept of God - Elisabet  Sahtouris
Academy of Consciousness Studies - Brenda J. Dunne
Academy of Consciousness Studies - Appendix: - Robert G. Jahn
Action at a Distance - Josef Hasslberger
Active Information - F. David Peat 
Alternative Cosmologies and Altered States - Stanislav Grof 
An Imbalance of Powers: Maori Land Claims and an Unchecked Parliament - Claire Charters
An Open Letter to Closed Minds - The Electric Universe
Ancient Understanding will Usher in Next Information Age - Douglas J. Matzke 
Being, Consciousness and Everything - John Richardson
Bell's Theorem - Nick Herbert 
Bioelectromagnetics: Old Roots of a New Science - Christian de Quincey 
Bioelectromagnetics: Energy Medicine - A Challenge for Science - Beverly Rubik
Bioelectromagnetics: The Question of Subtle Energies - Jan Walleczek 

  •   Benveniste, Jacques 
  •  Bearden, Tom 
  •  Bohm, David  
  •  Dossey, Larry 
  •  Harman, Willis 
  •  Herbert, Nick  
  •  Jahn, Robert G 
  •  Mather, Graeme 
  •  Metzner, Ralph 
  •  Mishlove, Jeffrey 
  •  Peat, F. David 
  •  Russell, Peter (Noetic Sciences) 
  •  Russell, Peter 
  •  Rubik, Beverly 
  •  Sheldrake, Rupert 
  •  Srinivasan, T. M. 
  •  Suzuki, David 
  •  Tart, Charles 
  •  Tiller, William A 
  •  Wilber, Ken 
  •  Wolf, Fred Alan 

  • Biological Utilisation of Quantum NonLocality - Brian D. Josephson, Fotini Pallikari-Viras
    Biophotonic Quantum Holographic Matrix, The - William F. Hamilton III
    BiopiracyRural Advancement Foundation International  (UNDP)
    Body Mind Spirit : Exploring the Parapsychology of Spirituality - Charles Tart
    Brilliant Disguise: Light, Matter and the Zero-Point Field - Bernard Haisch 
    Campaign for indigenous rights - UNITED NATIONS (AP)
    Can this Black Box see into the Future? - Global Consciousness Project - REDNOVA NEWS 
    Changing Face of War, The: Into the Fourth Generation - William S. Lind, et al.
    Chaos Introduction - Andrew Ho
    Colonialism Well And Alive In The Pacific: Kelsey -
    Pacific Media Watch - Shobna Decloitre
    Commemorating Dr. Yan Xin and Yan Xin Qigong - New York State Senate Resolution
    Consciousness and the New Physics - (The Roots of Consciousness - Jeffrey Mishlove
    Consciousness and Quantum Reality: Nick Herbert  - (THINKING ALLOWED Jeffrey Mishlove
    Consciousness as an Active Force - Amy L  Lansky
    Conscious Universe, The - Dean Radin
    Constitutional Crisis Over Foreshore & Seabed In Aotearoa - Richard Boast, Pacific Ecologist
    Creativity and Personal Mastery - Prof. Srikumar S. Rao
    Dark Matter And God Particle Within Reach -
    Frederic Garlan
    Dimension Doors: Natural Portals - R.Neil Boyd
    Disclosure Project: IMPLICATIONS FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, etc. - Steven M. Greer

    Distant Intentionality, Qi Gong Masters and DNA - G.Yount - Esalen Center for Theory and Research
    DNA phantom effect, The - Vladimir Poponin
    Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples -  UN
    Eco-terrorism and SEM weapons - US Dept of Defense News 1997
    Einstein's Physics Of Illusion - John Dobson
    Electromagnetic and Informational Weapons - Mojmir Babacek
    Electromagnetically Activated Water and the Puzzle of the Biological Signal - Cavendish Laboratory
    Elemental Mind: Human Consciousness & The New Physics - Nick Herbert
    Essence of Chaos, The - Edward N. Lorenz
    Eurocentrism and the history of science and technology - Gloria Emeagwali
    Extraordinary Knowing: Science, Skepticism, and the Inexplicable Powers of the Human Mind - Elizabeth Llo Mayer
    Eye of the Spirit, The - Ken Wilber 
    Fabrics of Consciousness, The - R.Neil Boyd
    Field, The: The Quest For The Secret Force Of The Universe - Lynne McTaggart
    Forces of Healing, The - Larry Dossey
    Foundations of a New ScienceTom Bearden
    Free-will theorem: John Conway
    NZ Herald 
    From Certainty to Uncertainty: The Story of Science and Ideas in the Twentieth Century - F. David Peat
    From Mechanics to Organics: Interview Elisabet Sahtouris - Scott London
    Global Mind Changes: Willis Harman - (THINKING ALLOWED Jeffrey Mishlove
    Glossary / Definitions: Energy - ISSSEEM
    Harnessing Torsion Waves & Consciousness:The Divine Cosmos - David Wilcock
    Healing and the Mind: Is There a Dark Side? - Larry Dossey 
    Holographic Brain, The: Karl Pribram - (THINKING ALLOWED  Jeffrey Mishlove
    Holographic Universe, The - Michael Talbot
    Human Consciousness Influence on Water Structure - L. N. Pyatnitsky and V. A. Fonkin 
    Human Energy Field in Relation to Science, Consciousness, and Health, The - Gloria Alvino
    How to wreck the environment (from Unless Peace Comes) - G J F MacDonald
    Hyperspace Reality - Saul-Paul Sirag
    Indigenous Way, The (EARTHDANCE: Living Systems in Evolution) - Elisabet Sahtouris
    Individual and Collective Entrepreneurship Amongst Pakeha and Maori - Dr. H H. Frederick
    Indknow: Indigenous Knowledge Systems List - Preston Hardison

  •  Bearden, Tom  (Megabrain Report
  • Bearden, Tom  (The  Zoh Show )  
  • Goswami, Amit  (Craig Hamilton - What is Enlightment?
  • Harman, Willis  (THINKING ALLOWED Jeffrey Mishlove
  • Herbert, Nick  (THINKING ALLOWED Jeffrey Mishlove
  • Pribram Karl  (THINKING ALLOWED Jeffrey Mishlove
  • Radin, Dean  (RetroPsychoKinesis
  • Sahtouris, Elisabet  (Scott London) 
  • Sheldrake, Rupert  (In the Presence of the Past
  • Tart, Charles  (Brian Patterson -
  • Tart,Charles  (Sharon Bard - Noetic Sciences)  
  • Wolf, Fred Alan  (Julie Knowles - TranspersonalWeb
  • Wolf, Fred Alan  (THINKING ALLOWED Jeffrey Mishlove

  • Introduction to the Theory of Enformed Systems - Don Watson & Berney Williams
    Investigation of paranormal phenomena - Nature Vol. 254, Pages 470-473
    Is science biased or balanced?- Shannon Shelton (Center on Blacks and the Media)
    Is There Consciousness Within Science?
    - Interview Ravi Gomatam - Thomas Beaudry
    Is this REALLY proof that man can see into the future? -  Evening Standard

    Land of the long white cloud: Racism - Martin Maguire (new internationalist)
    Land of the Long White Lie: The New Zealand Terror Raids - Valerie Morse, CounterPunch
    Legislative Violations of the Treaty of Waitangi: The first 150 years - Nga Tangata Cosmos
    Letter - NZ Parliament is unconstitutional & illegal - Ian Wishart (INVESTIGATEmagazine)
    Maori Autonomy - Taranaki Claim Report, Waitangi Tribunal 
    Maori want control of own destinyRuth Berry, NZ Herald
    Materialism: An Addictive Meme  - Peter Russell  (Waking Up in Time)
    Mechanisms of Corporate Rule  - Tony Clark
    Memory And Morphogenetic Fields - Robert Gilman
    Memory of molecules, The - The Independent
    Memory of Water, The - HeartMath Research Center
    Memory of water, The: DigiBio - Jacques Benveniste
    Metaphysics and Modern Science: Pt 1 & 2 - (THINKING ALLOWED  Jeffrey Mishlove)
    Mysterious Light: A Scientist's Odyssey - Peter Russell
    Negative Time - Tom Bearden
    New Paradigm of ScienceJosef Hasslberger
    No Boundary - Ken Wilber
    No Sign Of Helen [New Zealand constitution] - Ian Wishart (INVESTIGATE: JULY 00)
    Nothing like a vacuum - Robert Matthews - London Sunday Telegraph
    Now come Torsion Fields - Hal Fox
    One-Whole: An activity of the Primer Group - Thomas Mandel, Heiner Benking
    Occult Technology of Power,
    TheSigns of the Times
    Opening Science to Spiritual Realities - Charles Tart
    Paradigm Conspiracy - Denise Breton & Christopher Largent
    Parapsychology: the choice between cultural bias and an open mind - Brian D. Josephson
    Parapsychology FAQ - Dean Radin
    Physicists have 'solved' mystery of levitationTelegraph
    Physics and Consciousness: Fred Alan Wolf - (THINKING ALLOWED Jeffrey Mishlove)
    Physics, Mysticism, and the New Holographic Paradigm - Ken Wilber
    Physics to Metaphysics: The Vedic Paradigm
    - Swami B. B. Vishnu
    PK Man Seen From an African Perspective, The: David Wilson - Essays Jeffrey Mishlove
    Planned and Inadvertent Weather Modification - American Meteorological Society
    Politics of History
    , TheLaura Knight-Jadczyk, Signs of the Times
    Privatisation of Water
    : The - Susan Bryce
    Proceedings of the UN Policy Meeting on Indigenous Peoples - Elisabet Sahtouris
    Psychic Discoveries Since The Cold War - Len Kasten, Atlantis Rising
    Quantum Bioholography: A Review of the Field from 1973-2002  - Richard Alan Miller, Iona Miller, Burt Webb
    Quantum Consciousness and Your Immortality - James L. Forberg
    Quantum phenomena in biologyPSRAST
    Race Relations in New ZealandChris Ford
    Rainmaker, The [Dr Graeme Mather] - Horizon, BBC archives
    Reality and Consciousness (From Science to God) - Peter Russell
    Reducing the socio-economic disparities: A Maori Solution - ProfessorWhatarangi Winiata
    Savant Syndrome: Islands of Genius, The
    Darold A. Treffert
    Scalar Electromagnetics and Weather Control - Tom Bearden
    Schumann Resonances and Human Psychobiology, The - Richard Alan Miller, Iona Miller, Nexus
    Science and Religion: Willis Harman - (THINKING ALLOWED Jeffrey Mishlove)
    Science of the Subjective -- R.G. Jahn and B.J. Dunne, Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research
    Science proves mind's power over matter Robert Matthews - The Sunday Telegraph
    Scientific Qigong Research: Dr. Yan Xin - (International Yan Xin Qigong Association)
    Scientific Proof of the Existence of God - Craig Hamilton - What is Enlightment?
    Scientific Study of Consciousness-Related Physical Phenomena - Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research
    Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge
    - David Osborn
    Selected Publications on Qigong Scientific Research: Dr. Yan Xin - (Int'l Yan Xin Qigong Association)
    Self-Aware Universe, The - Amit Goswami
    Spirit and Consciousness - R Neil Boyd
    Spiritual Science: DNA is influenced by words and frequencies - Grazyna Fosar & Franz Bludorf
    Spiritual Universe, The - Fred Alan Wolf 
    Split Between Spirit and Nature in Western Consciousness, The - Ralph Metzner
    Study into near-death experiences supports theory of a 'sixth sense' - Richard Sadler -
    Subtle Connections: Psi, Grof, Jung, and the Quantum Vacuum - Ervin Laszlo
    Subtle energy actions and physical domain correlations - William A. Tiller 
    Subtle Energy Research - HeartMath Research Center
    Synchronicity: the bridge between matter and mind - F. David Peat
    Take nobody's word for it [Brian Josephson] - Alison George, NewScientist
    TASTE (The Archives of Scientists' Transcendent Experiences) - Charles T. Tart
    Time May Not Exist - Tim Folger, DISCOVER Magazine

    Tino rangatiratanga - Joint Methodist Presbyterian Public Questions Committee
    Two Liberating Concepts for Research on Consciousness - Willis Harman
    Unfolding the Subtle: Matter and Consciousness - F. David Peat
    Universe as a Hologram, The - Michael Talbot
    Universe 'too queer' to grasp - BBC News science and technology
    Utilizing scalar electromagnetics to tap vacuum energy - Tom Bearden
    Vacuum Spin Fields - Bill Beaty
    Vedic Science
    Swami B. B. Visnu
    Vedic Mathematics and the Spiritual Dimension - Swami B. B. Visnu

    Virtual Reality: An Interview with Charles Tart  - Sharon Bard 
    Waikato Water Pipeline, The  -  Joel Cayford
    'War on Terror' Has Indigenous People in Its Sights
    Inter Press Service News
    Water Dowsing in Arid regions - Hans-Dieter Betz
    Wave Series,
    The  - Laura Knight-Jadczyk
    Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 - Air Force 2025
    Weather as a Weapon? - Michele Norris - 
    Weather Forecasting - American Meteorological Society
    Weather Modification - Philip L. Hoag
    Weather Modification a Long-Established, Though Secretive, Reality
    Mary-Sue Haliburton
    Weather Warfare - Michel Chossudovsky
    What Are Noetic Sciences? - Willis Harman
    What Are Subtle Energy Fields? - T M Srinivasan
    What is Game Theory? - David K. Levine
    What is "Scalar Electromagnetics"?- Rick Andersen
    Wisdom of the Elders - David Suzuki
    World Scientists' Warning to Humanity - Union of Concerned Scientists
    Yan Xin Qigong Scientific Research - (International Yan Xin Qigong Association)


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