Fax #2 to Marlborough District Council

DATE :      27 April 2001
TO :


Mr. Gerald Hope
Marlborough District Council

 03 - 5785249
 03 - 5786866



John Porter
PO Box 56 334,
Mt Eden,
Auckland  1030

09 - 846 0848

SUBJECT:  re 13 March fax offering Drought relief to Marlborough and other areas.

Dear Mr Hope,

With regard to our phone conversation yesterday... I note an odd coincidence that, on the same day... weather presenter Augie Auer, during the 6pm TV3 news, made a point of advising against weather modification for the South Island.
This conflicts with the MetService forecast of below average rainfall until the end of June and possibly until spring. Whose interests (certainly not South Island farmers) is Mr. Auer trying to protect? I also note that he is not the one faced with losses of 2-3 million dollars a day as revealed in a recent news release. 
I look forward to hearing from you and would appreciate an acknowledgement that my offer has been received and is being considered. 


John Porter

A. AuerMr. Auer may be regretting his ill-considered advice, now (31 July ) that the drought is affecting not only farmers but also the national power supply. Another example of faulty judgement and prejudice posing as scientific wisdom?
Mr. Auer, and others like him, should know better. Making premature and inaccurate predictions is not the way to enhance one's reputation or maintain professional credibility.
UPDATEMr. Auer was retired as TV3's weather presenter on Friday, 1 February 2002.

UPDATEWeatherman Augie Auer dies - The Dominion Post Monday, 11 June 2007
Former MetService chief meteorologist Augie Auer died suddenly in Melbourne last night.
Professor Auer died while dining with family, New Zealand Climate Science Coalition secretary Terry Dunleavy told NZPA today. Prof Auer was chief meteorologist at the Met Service from 1990 until 1998, when he became TV3's weekday weather presenter.

G. Hope

See additional correspondence with Marlborough mayor, Gerald Hope.
UPDATE: It may just be coincidence, but Mr. Hope was also "retired" as mayor during the 2001 elections. Interesting. Not that his successor, Mayor Tom Harrison, is any improvement as these reports show.