Dear John,
Thanks for the confirmation. I must say that I'm intrigued about what it is that TWM actually does and, as I'll probably get to deal with the matter, I look forward to hearing from you... Your good wishes and greetings are entirely reciprocated.
BR -  Dept of Water Affairs and Forestry, S Africa

... there may be other areas where we can strengthen each other's efforts for nuturing ethical and ecological consciousness. I am curious to know a little more about your weather modification efforts... It is unimaginable what you [are] doing and you need all the support but the rational in me still wants to know... I do not question the basic premise of your enterprise... you have our invitation to visit us and be our guest.
Prof. Anil Gupta, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India.

Dear Mr.Porter,
Namasthe! Greetings from India! I wish to know whether you undertake projects to create "artificial rain"? In our state Karnataka, in southern India, we have a very severe water shortage and the Government is interested in deploying professional services to create "artificial rain"... I would endeavour to get back to you, at the earliest, with the tender details, etc. We have... to liaison with State Government of Karnataka on your behalf.
SR -  India

The Government of Andhra Pradesh have decided to conduct operations during 2005. A notification pertaining to above invitation has been issued and published in the National dailies. A copy of same notification is also posted as under. The same along with bid document is also available in the web site for download. I therefore request you to kindly intimate the same to all prospective organizations / agencies / individuals associated with cloud seeding programmes for wide publicity.
Secretary, Rain Shadow Areas Development Department,
K’block, 1st floor, A.P Secretariat, Hyderabad- 500022 (A.P) India.

Dear Sir,
Pakistan normally faces continue shortage of water... due to very less /no raining and negligible number of reservoirs... our met office has warned of a possible drought in the country with no signs of any significant rainfall over the next two months... Drought conditions have already developed in Baluchistan, the largest (by land) province and Sindh besides major segment of The Punjab... we have proposed and discussed the matter with the top management of our met office who supported our idea to explore and invite the possibilities of some multinational company undertaking the anticipated project for weather modification /artificial raining... We contact you chiefly because we understand your company may be the leading in this regards to suggest us... appropriate measures for weather modification / artificial raining... Best regards
MAJ -  Pakistan

Dear Mr. John,
Your email was forwarded to the concerned department. Their response is as follows: “It is submitted that though some parts of the country are under moderate drought conditions, but these conditions are not very severe which may require desperate measures... Therefore, no such measures are being considered at this stage.” Regards,
Office of the Press Secretary to President [General Pervez Musharraf]Pakistan

Dear Mr. Porter,
We are pleased to announce and invite you to participate at the international conference on "Security & Sustainability in Water Resources" to be held from September 6-9, 2004 in Kathmandu, Nepal. This conference is organized by the Center for Sustainability, Environment, Equity and Partnership (SEEP); a non-profit NGO based in Kathmandu, Nepal and is supported by His Majesty's Government of Nepal... We are anticipating your participation to make the conference more dynamic and output oriented through your professional expertise... This conference seeks to explore working relationship among the participants to create an ambience for exchange... of ideas and resources... Sincerely,
Naresh N. Rimal, Chairman - Nepal

Thank you very much for your quick and interesting reply to our email. As you know our country needs the services of professionals like yourself especially for rain making. We have a proposal for you to cooperate with us to introduce your services to the govt. depts of the UAE...
BV | AK -  United Arab Emirates

Dear Sir,
I am pleased to inform you that your Company/Institution has been shortlisted to be invited to conduct an extensive study on weather modification through rainfall enhancement in the Republic of Yemen. Please find attached the request for proposals (RFP) document for your review. Your quick positive reply to participate is needed as soon as possible so that we can send you the official invitation letter with stamped RFP document. Regards
Mohamed I. Al-Hamdi, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Water and Environment
Sana'a - Republic of Yemen

Dear Sir,
... As all of the world Turkey is under the effect of a serious drougth. The Municipalities of many major cities began to apply emergency precautions... As far as I learned from my friend who is in the board of Istanbul Municipality, at the moment Municipalities of Istanbul and Ankara is preparing to accept offers from companies about Weather Modification... My question is: can we make any co-operation for the weather modification business in Turkey. If so in which way? Could you nominate us as your representative in Turkey? Can we offer together a turn key project to Istanbul and Ankara Municipalities? Quick reply will be appriciate. Regards.
AE - Turkey

I want to get some news on drought mitigation in agriculture.
LY - CAAS, Beijing, China

I am glad to receive your letter. I want you could explain something about how you do hail suppression. We have hail suppression for thirty years, so I think we could research(study) together. If you have time, welcome [to] our country and visit... so we could communion face to face.
ZJH - JLWM, Jilin Province, China

Government Invitation of China
Date: Sept.20th to Sept.21st, 2006
Venue: Taihu Hotel (5 Star), Wuxi, China
Many thanks for your attention to this important official invitation letter. We sincerely invite... your company to attend the 2006 International Cooperation Summit for Asia-Pacific CEOs & Provincial Governors and Mayors as a distinguished guest... you could meet with the Governors (Sheriffs), Mayors and CEOs present to establish long-term cooperation mechanism and to decide on key cooperation field and cooperation intent. Please send us the affirmation to this invitation... The People's Government of Wuxi, host of the summit and the People's Government of Jiangsu Province sincerely welcome you to this summit...
Sincerely yours,

Mao Xiaoping, mayor of the host city, Wuxi of China.
Zheng Xiongwei, Executive Chairman of the Organizing Committee of International Cooperation Summit for Asia-Pacific CEOs & Provincial Governors and Mayors
Address: D1-18 Floor, Sunshine Plaza, No.68, Anli Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101, P.R. China

I am a graduate student from... my main research is about cloudiness, including precipitation, by numerical modeling. I saw your web site by chance, and I enjoy your works. I do want to learn more about... weather modification. Do you have any special program for visitors? Thanks so much for the reply.

We might exchange some information concerning energy field. Gravitonics, I am working on, might be the technology that can be applied in many things. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Masakazu Karita -  Japan

As you may know from the... media, we are facing our worst summer... with very little rain. The current clouding seeding exercise has not brought much results... we will be getting the effect of the monsoon... We currently face a shortage of drinking water... and if the haze come sooner, this will be a terrible nightmare... Now, please advise me how you can help and how far are you commited to help.
D -  Malaysia

I am a student doing a science project at school. I have  a few questions concerning weather modification. I would appreciate if you could take the time to answer them... Thank you very much for your attention. Yours sincerely,
PL -  Singapore

Your product... very popular in the Russian Federation. Therefore we offer you a representative for successful distribution... in the territory of Russia, as well as all countries of the former USSR.
OT -  Russia

Looking for partners - please visit us at a scientific research company of distance atmospheric probing. Best regards.
EB -  Russia

Dear Sir,
I found information about activity of your organization in Internet. We are very young company. We registered in New Zealand but all of us – Russians scientists and businessmen. We develop and promote technology for the local atmosphere process control technology. Find attached the brochure which includes the short description and field of application of our technology. Today we are looking for the companies which involved in to the weather monitoring & modification activity. If you would like receive more information about our company and technology don’t hesitate contact us... 
GI - Advanced Synoptic Technologies Ltd - Russia

I am interested to know the basis of your weather modification work and how successful it is in generating rain. The area of northeast Mexico... is becoming a desert at a very rapid rate and I would like to try to reverse this process if possible...
CA  -  Mexico

Dear John,
thanks for your prompt reply, we are thinking to apply [your] system on [a] smog situation... we have an preliminar agreement with principal authorities... and we can pay your services... If you agreed in those working terms, I will send a draft contract to sign, then I will supply with a complete set... of atmospheric, weather, polution and geografic characteristic of the zone... best regards
RC -  S America

I [have] studied carefully your information on the Internet... Last week's flood disasters all over Europe... make me ask you: Have you... any indications (or even evidence) that these weather anomalies were not of natural origin, but manipulated? Many people here felt sick during the extremely heavy rain-fall... and also a reduced activity of animals was observed. If these catastrophies were due to manipulation, could you help to prevent a repetition?
My question about help against suspected weather manipulation was rather theoretical... the official position of all governments here will deny the possibility of the kind of intervention which you offer. But after my studies ... I am convinced that this can be performed. So I would be very grateful if you could give me some more information how such a kind of co-operation might be launched or funded, about the kind of meteorological / environmental services that are needed etc... Best regards,
WM -  European Union

Indeed there are some interesting aspects of my very private experimental research which could be connected to the project you are working on.
HH -  Italy

...Thanks a lot. You may also like to know that I will be giving a course on New Paradigms in Pari, Italy this year. For more information see  Regards
David PeatItaly

Paolo Manzelli proposes the IDEA that within living systems the DNA molecule acts as an "antenna" of "GENE-ONS" Information Energy to express a nonlocal symultanean wave field existing outside of a Euclidean space-time. Thus DNA is functioning as a radio -antennae circuit through which higher dimensional genetic//epigenetic information egergy can interact at the level of the physical interactive organism.
See in :
I hope in your collaboration.
PAOLO MANZELLI - Director of LRE/EGO-CreaNet – University of Florence, DIPARTIMENTO DI CHIMICA, POLO SCIENTIFICO 50019 -SESTO 50019 Firenze - Via Della - Italy

We are researching for a major new... television series... and one of the aspects we will be covering is weather modification. Considering that you use indigenous methods, could you tell me what these actually are and what you do to change the weather? I would very much like to talk with you further about this...
JR -  UK

Hi John,
thank you for your reply. Yes I would like to know more about rainmaking to see whether It is possible to bring more water to the part of Spain where we will be moving... That was the reason for contacting you. I dont know whether you show others how to do it or whether you do it for them but I would definitely be interested in knowing more. With respect
BT -  UK

Hi, im an undergraduate at the University of... in the UK. I am undertaking a piece of independent research on models of precipitation and there relationship with weather modification. I have found your web site and would appreciate it if you could send me any information regarding this topic... Thanking you.
DM -  UK

Just 'stumbled across' your site today...lots of reading to do...exciting resonances. Was just wondering whether you had put anything on your site that you can remember off hand, on torsion fields / vortex as a 'fifth force' /' third field'... am trying to dig into this area. Many thanks,
SM -  UK

WWW Site Gives Indigenous Perspective on Weather Modification: thought provoking... a very creative site.
Ric Jensen, Texas Water Resources Institute, Texas A&M University, USA

Thank you for your very comprehensive and informative web site - especially to all the scientific links... The control of weather is a very serious and important topic, and I thank you for outlining this in detail. Especially now, in the western USA... forest fires are blazing out of control... damage to the land and air are devastating. Has any one in the US government requested your help? If not, can anything be done to bring about rain?

A friend sent me an e-mail from your [site] on weather manipulation.  What a fascinating  and intriquing idea.  I first read about the concept of weather control in 1976 while stationed at... my interests are primarily weather control / manipulation. I had no idea that private enterprises were working on this subject much less, doing it.

I am writing a story on the future of weather. One of the topics I am exploring is weather modification, and your website caught my eye.

I was doing some research... led me to your site. It is very interesting and I plan to study it more. But my intent now is to get more information on David Bohm... Can you help me there? Thank you,

I am a freshman in high school and am presently working on a project about weather modification.  I was wondering if you could send me any information (i.e. diagrams, research) that would help me in any way. If you do decide to help me, i thank you in advance.

Just a quick note to say how much I appreciate your web site. Just discovered it today and will be back for more exploring... I was excited to find articles by thinkers that are not limited to the 'standard scientific approach'. The universe is of course more than we can "see" with our... measuring devices and senses. There are many levels of reality (some call these higher levels of consciousness) beyond the 'physical'... Still I find it encouraging to read of scientists and modern thinkers applying new concepts and descriptions to the age old question 'who are we?' Thanks again,

Just found your web site... have been interested in your philosophical approach to the environment for some time now... wondered if any of your weather modification techniques are based on the work of the late Wilhelm Reich...

Dear Mr. Porter,
Thank you for your information.  Do you know of any apprenticeships/internships that involve weather modification? If so could you please pass along the proper contact info. Thank you again. Sincerely,

... I am a student interested in the history of weather modification. I'm particularly interested in the legal and social implications  that arise when such attempts are successful... While I've read extensively on western scientific attempts to modify the weather... I'm eager to learn more about indigenous techniques, and how they are translated into a modern business or fee-for-service setting. Any thing you can tell me about your business and your techniques would be much appreciated.

Hello John,
I wanted to thank you for the great work you have done in putting this site together... I feel a strong intuitive connection to what you are about... Presently I am... a board member to the Foundation... [including] many of the thinkers and scientists you have mentioned in your work... Anyway, I am excited to see you doing this and wanted to introduce myself at this point to begin to share more in the future as we move forward and to support your work. I would welcome any more information on what it is you are offering, what you are doing and how we may work with you.  Many Blessings,

I have recently seen your website with... interesting articles and discussions regarding the possibilities of psychokinetic weather modification... I was also pleased to find on your website several of my interviews from the Thinking Allowed collection... my recent book The PK Man --provides massive documentation of psychokinetic weather control... In any event, as I am currently engaged in ongoing projects of this nature, it seemed appropriate to introduce myself.  I am interested in learning more about your own activities in this area. Sincerely,
Jeffrey Mishlove -  USA

Dear John,
Thank you for your response. I have been reviewing your sites' material and am intriqued with Consciousness Papers and how to... present this concept as an exhibit or project ... Any ideas would be appreciated... Basically, I wanted to touch base with your effort to congratulate you on such an immense undertaking... I have attached the proposed Utah Science Center agenda... [and] have been asked to investigate potential projects for incorporation into catagories that have been already outlined... I became aware of your efforts [in] researching Consciousness / Materialism / Spirituality...

Impressive... I am simply writing in appreciation for the collection of articles posted on this website. I am not completely sure how the services described could affect my... community, and perhaps I do not need to be. I am simply a teacher for high school children who cannot attend the American public schools due to their particiopation in addictions treatment. I have enjoyed looking through this website. Sincerely,

We have a TV show here in... Our show has been on air for the past 4yrs. Being that we try to stick to pure metaphysics, I believe an interview with you would be very informative to our viewers, and provoke a strong response to you and your website. Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you soon.

I've had a keen interest in the "new science" for some time now, and I'd very much like to encounter what's happening on the front lines, both in terms of research and practice; TWM certainly seems to embody both... Thank you for your time and consideration, and keep up the wonderful work!..  It would've been primarily an educational visit for me, as the central thrust of my work at university deals with the marriage of science and spirituality... TWM has actually been quite influential in, and useful for, my thinking about these topics, serving as both an inspiration and a seemingly inexhaustable database, ever since I came across it. I reiterate my commendation, and thank you again!  Take care.

I've enjoyed your site every time I've visited it. Because of the need for a paradigm that normalizes the paranormal, I think you would enjoy knowing about the Theory of Enformed Systems. Here are the URLs for a pair of  introductory tutorials: 
"Are Living, Conscious Robots Possible?" 
"A Tutorial on Reductionism vs. Holism"
Don Watson USA

I had stumbled upon this website about two years ago and try to keep up with your... personal willingness to fight for the right of indigenous people. You have some mind boggling references... It is just amazing -This site will just make you THINK - about the soul and physical body - Mother Earth and universe. In short, as Mr Huston Smith puts in his book - "Why religion matters: The Fate of the Human Spirit in an Age of Disbelief"" The more you learn about this Universe, only then we realize how little we know about it." Keep up the great efforts for the "rights" of the indigenous people of the world.

I did a search on "subtle energy research" and found your interesting website. It is user friendly and professional. Nowhere else have I encountered such a treasure trove of unusual information. Are you aware of any groups in the US that are organizing WM services?... I work with kids and families of color in... These people are our indigenous culture. They are very open to the idea of subtle energy, but lack organization.. I have had some success myself with WM, being a practitioner of buddhist meditation for 25 years. I also enjoyed reading material on your site, because I am seriously frustrated with the US scientific establishment... If you have any suggestions about who I might contact to get opportunities for collaboration with others sharing my orientation please let me know. Thanks ...

Saw your website for the first time today. I don't know what to think. I am definately all for indigenous peoples standing up for their heritage, rights, and wisdom. But I am struggling with the premise of weather control to oppose government policies...

Hi Mr. Porter,
I'm a graduate student at the University of California at Berkeley's school of journalism in the United States and I'm working on a project about the early signs of human induced global warming for publication in American newspapers, radio and television. I am coming to New Zealand at the beginning of January to look at traditional weather knowledge in the context of global warming...Can I give you a call to talk with you about your experience or perception of climate change? I appreciate any information you will be willing to share. Thanks for your time and information, 

... I am a radio producer/host in Los Angeles CA, on KPFK 90.7fm a Pacifica radio station... I am contacting you today to request an interview concerning your weather modification work. Astounding by all accounts. We had wild fires out here in So. California a couple of years ago and something similar happened out here. We had 90+ degree dry weather and huge wild fires. Then in one day the temps dropped 30 degrees and we got a rain storm. Was that you? Please contact me at your earliest convenience to schedule this first interview...
I was just thinking about the enormity of what is represented by your research and work. There is potential for people to participate in the future of this planet through there God given gifts. My question is what do you need? Do you have representatives around the globe helping market your services? How developed is the alliance amongst shamans to do large scale projects? Do you think its realistic to think that a critical mass of peoples could develop some kind of a skill to affect their future? Well thank you again for your openness and being an example of our potential... 
Eben ReyUSA

We are very intrigued with your work in the subtle energy field, and would like to invite you to visit the work of Russian physicist, Dr. Yury Kronn, in this field. He has found a technology that can transfer the subtle energy "signature" of anything (in this case, acupuncture meridians, herbs, minerals and elements), into anything else. His main carrier is an generic ionic mineral solution. For example, the solution is "zapped" with the subtle energy signature of, say, oxygen. When it is ingested therapeutically, the body reacts as though it has just been given a shot of oxygen.  This also has been applied to herbs--where the body reacts as though it had directly ingested the herb, where it had only ingested the mineral solution. We hope you will look into Dr. Kronn's work, and let us know what you think... We look forward to hearing from you...
Boyd Martin -  USA

...The psychological epiphany I refer to on my profile essentially happened in a period of 3 days or so, but it took me a long time to sort out what was happening and now I’m still exploring my new worldview and perspective. The catalyst for this change turned out to be one random website with articles on science and spirituality that I came to doing some searches. Interestingly enough, it’s actually about “Indigenous Weather Modification.” I didn’t even know that until later on. I had stumbled upon its References Index, and I read articles on the site for 6 or 7 hours a day for 3 days straight in an ecstatic fervor. I read about the possibility of a holographic universe, Rupert Sheldrake’s morphogenetic fields, Stanislov Grof, and much more - my mind was blown away. I had been questioning my understanding of reality, life, God, and spirituality with an uncertain mind for almost 2 years. I bordered on atheist, but I had a reverence for existence and a fascination with science. The articles provided the push I needed to move from stage 2 - the beta stage (“a time of uncertainty, questioning, and frustration... to stage 4 - the delta surge....
Peter's Blog - USA

This company, TWM, offers "Indigenous Weather Modification--Consciousness-based, non-linear, non-local, action-at-a-distance." They don't do a lot of explaining, but I'm pretty sure that they use focused thought to affect/improve the weather. What is so awesome about this site is the TWM Reference Index. This list (with links) is a GOLDMINE of (understandable) abstracts, articles & transcripts by leading-edge scientists and thinkers in the field of consciousness studies. Enter site, look for "index" link on left menu.
Pat - USA

Dear Mr. Porter:
...You have included a quotation taken from my manuscript “Seeing Past The Edge” at the end of the list of articles and manuscripts contained on your site. I am pleased to see that someone has found a use for some of the information contained in that document and am taking this opportunity to offer a copy of the manuscript in its entirety to you for review...
SPTE cites the work of more than 1,100 scientists, engineers, technologists and scholars. It consumed more than 10 years of my life and produced some insights that I believe are both startling and essential to anyone who seeks to understand the fundamental mysteries of how Nature works...
Since completion of that work, I have worked with others to produce a follow-on piece entitled “Y-Bias and Angularity: Self-Organizing Criticality From the Zero Point to Infinity.” This scientific monograph is contained in about 150 pages, plus several pages of credits, references, notes, suggested readings and hyperlinks. The Y-Bias model described in this work represents an important step forward in our search for relevance and meaning because it describes scalar interactions in a way that has not been attempted [at least not to our knowledge] before. Nothing like it exists in the current scientific literature as far as we can tell.
The Y-Bias model makes it possible for us to definitively explain why the Big Bang model is fundamentally flawed and quite incorrect. We are able for the very first time to categorically describe three aspects of the physical world that have not been defined in the standard model. These include a categorical definition of mass, magnetism and the nature of time. We also describe how scalar interactions operating at the zero point organize virtual charge ensembles [ref: T. Bearden etal] to time, mass, magnetism, all local-linear and all non-local/non-linear field effects, which in turn combine as a function of self-organizing criticality [ref: Per Bak etal] to create all ten scales of complex organization and annihilation observed in the cosmos.
All our research results are accompanied by digital images of the physical phenomena produced by the interactions we describe. The net result of this work is that we believe we have met the consummate test which must be applied to all such models – we have succeeded in developing four new materials that have never been created before. The processes we have developed are based entirely on the dynamics incorporated into the new model, so unless we are missing something important, we believe we have provided the ultimate proof of the viability of our model.  We are in the process of developing strategic and tactical planning to support the applications-engineering and manufacture of technologies to make the functions performed by these new materials available to others... Sincerely,
David G.Yurth - USA

Here is fascinating web site on Weather Modification by Indigenous people: Indigenous Weather Modification 
From the FAQ page:
…any belief based on ignorance, including belief in outmoded paradigms, is of little value compared with knowledge derived from experience. For example, the materialist reductionist scientific paradigm was undermined by Einstein nearly 100 years ago and yet the majority of people, notably in the West, continue to live as though nothing has changed. This suggests a regression into a Dark Age mindset based on superstition and habit rather than an enlightened decision to embrace a more subtle and complex worldview resulting from the discoveries of quantum physics and the new sciences. “ 
There is much to read, research and contimplate at this web site including large scale weather manipulation by the mind alone, the rights of indigenous people to protect their intellectual property, and using the power derived from this heritage to push for governmental change.
Stephen, esotericvoyage.comUSA

Hello John,
I have been visiting your site on and off for three or four years now and very much admire your work. Specifically the development of your website as a node for the expansion of consciousness and your courage in taking on the establishment. I have since noticed, particularly from the nature of your email interactions with certain seemingly inert individuals and organizations (forms of consciousness!) that you can come across as quite assertive, perhaps even aggressive, in your approach in dealing with these super-ego authority figures. And i can understand to some degree why that may be so. However, it appears obvious to me that many of these government related individuals or groups feel very much threatened by individuals of your calibre and are not quite sure how to respond to you appropriately without undermining their own values, pride, and dignity. Having said that, I was wondering if it might not be more advantageous for you to explore ways of 'working from the inside out'. i.e. by utilizing the ubiquitous nature of consciousness to create a channel or a secure path by which beneficial outcomes can be reached in collaboration with the consciousness of those individuals and/or groups or organizations which dominate the current establishment, without the use of physical coercion. Perhaps you have already explored this line of action, perhaps not. I only wish to share with you the possibility of this line of action :) Sincerely,

Excellent articles on consciousness and physics.
This collection of articles on consciousness, physics and reality is one of the best I have ever come across: TWM Reference. The person who put together the index is practicing Indigenous Weather Modification in New Zealand. Now that is interesting....
I hope you may enjoy this hidden treasure.
Nature of Mind  -  Canada
I am the founder and President of World Harmony Foundation based in Perth, Western Australia. I am also the CEO of Technology Assessments, a division of World Harmony. For the last two days I have been viewing your website. I have to tell you it is one of the most exciting I have discovered in my 10 years on the internet!... I would be most interested to meet you and/or any of your associates to have a discussion that may be of mutual benefit.  Best regards...
Trevor Osborne -  Australia

Dear John,
Thanks for your reply. My problem is simply this, an opportunity exists for major exports of Lucerne (alfalfa) to Japan. However irrigation pumping... causes too much cost. The area we wanted to plant is 1000 Hects. Average rainfall in the area is 500 mm yearly. Would your technology be applicable? And what might the cost be for the minimum area? What is the minimum area you can cause rainfall on? Regards
PB -  Australia

I'm very interested in philosophy, spirituality, and often when I do a search for something, it comes up as a page connected to your site,... Is there a list of all the articles that you have like the one above... I have enjoyed these articles to no end.
 BA -  Australia

You guys are bent, (in a good way, thats a compliment). I love the idea of "Indigenous Weather Modification"...  Anyway I am curious about your thoughts on the Canberra fires... I am a volunteer bushfire fighter... Anyway, your site is fantastic, and somehow a link ended up on a friends computer with him having no idea how it got there.  He had never seen or heard of the site before... Good one. Keep up the good work, take care and all that...
JS - Australia

Dear Mr. Porter,
I am delighted to have been a reader of the many articles you have posted on the topic of consciousness and reality. I became a practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming/Hypnotherapy in 1992 and sought information for my personal development from many fields including those which have their origins 'off planet'. I have very recently moved to ... where I am developing a workshop titled "The QuantumLink Seminar"... Kindest regards,
PT - Australia

Kia Ora
... I've just re-visited your Website this AM... Having read a few more of the articles contained within your Articles Section... I just wanted to let you know that I am (more) impressed with the breadth and depth of articles and perspectives presented, all reinforcing and paying respect to the world-views and understandings of the... Indigenous, Aboriginal and/or spiritually-centred (consciousness) understandings and paradigms of Life... You and/or your associates have done an admirable job with the TWM web-project and its research/resources within, and I refer to its contents often for my own reinforcement and further education and fully intend to point my associates to this valuable source whenever the occasion and or conversations arise... Once again Thx, and keep-up the great Resource site and the active promotion of your Maori and other indigenous societies cultural and spirt-centred ways of life...
DA - Australia

... I have found your site both exciting and informative as it often addresses what some believe is the unexplained. We have included a link on our site. With my work involving Human Life Energy Fields... and how we can use our divinity and spiritual side in all aspects of our lives, I have also discovered that most physical things in nature can be altered by our thoughts and requests... Primarily our work is with human energy and how it affects our health and well being. I would have an interest in contributing some articles to your site. I thank you for your consideration...
Ian Stone - Metaphysical Institute - Australia

I found your site by accident, very interesting, much more still to read, very appreciated, keep up the good (all levels!) work.
KS -  Aotearoa NZ

Hi John,
I see you have quite a comprehensive website on your subject... Are you building a business based on the principles you describe so as to offer your services to people on a fee paying basis ? regards
CW -  Aotearoa NZ

Dear Weather Master,
I am engaged in a project to correllate recent milk production in Southland with rainfall and temperature statistics. Can you help me to find recent weather information... Sincerely, 
KC -  Aotearoa NZ

Hi John,
Let me say that I respect and admire what you are trying to do and I have no doubt in your ability to engineer the weather. I have a certificate in engineering and a BSc so I am familar with conventional methods of rain inducement... as well as the so called 'alternative science' methods of Wilhelm Reich... Trevor James Constable and James DeMeo. I also understand the difference between your methods and those using 'machines' just mentioned. I can demonstarte... the ability of the human mind to effect conditions in the atmosphere by causing clouds to dissappear through concentrated effort... So good luck for your future, I would love to meet you or work with you one day if that was OK by you. Kind regards,
LH -  Aotearoa NZ

Awesome. Tena koe, Was doing some surfing on Physics and consciousness and somehow your website popped up... he tino rawe to mahi... Have had an interest in learning about the secret experimentation that governments around the world have been conducting to manipulate the weather... Have you thought on creating a list or newsletter to keep people up to date with your mahi? If so would be interested in being on it.  Kia kaha.
WW- Aotearoa NZ

Dear Mr. Porter,
I was researching...Reich-type cloudbusters... I came upon your website... Everyone I mentioned my theory to that the America's cup "disaster" was psi sabotage scoffed. I am delighted to see your report on it, and Very Well Done to you and also for the 1994 drought... I am very interested in psi, but I have not made any personal breakthroughs... I think in some situations psi warfare is ethical.
CJ -  Aotearoa NZ

Hi John,
By chance I came across your website. I am fascinated by it and your work. I have been only recently exploring spirituality. But it has been a mind-opening experience. Explored different paths and finally have gone back to the Indian way -  Hinduism, Buddhism, Non-dualism, Advaida Vedanta... And I found  David Bohm's theories reassuring and inspiring... surprisingly they have all said... "the kingdom of god is within". Or maybe one could say it is the Science catching up with man's spiritual insight. I would love to meet you and have a chat, if that's convenient for you. Cheers
RR - Aotearoa NZ

Dear John
Congratulations on doing the work you are doing. I know it's lonely confronting all the skepticism you do, but please, keep the faith. I didn't know you existed before today, but recognize the tremendous courage you have to do this work, and promote it publicly. I have come across (probably) similar techniques to the ones you use, and also do it, but don't promote it... If I can help you, please let me know...  Keep the faith! Cheers
RB Aotearoa NZ

Kia ora John,
...I looked through your website. Very Interesting cheers,

Aroha Te Pareake Mead - Maori Business, Victoria Management School, Victoria University of Wellington, Rutherford House, Downtown Campus -  Aotearoa NZ

Hi,  Not sure who you are but suspect you are John Porter. I have browsed your twm website with interest. Excellent stuff.
Joel Cayford - Auckland Regional Council, Chair - Regional Land Transport Ctte, Chair - Transport Policy -  Aotearoa NZ

I have a deepening interest in the science of consciousness and I want to study / work in this area. I have done several other things before now, including running my own business, but nothing academically related to s.o.c... Your collection of articles is fascinating and has been hugely helpful in helping me get clear about my direction. Thank you so much. 
Are you able to help me with the following - Apart from yourself, is there anyone that you know of currently working on the s.o.c., or similar areas, eg how we manifest with the mind, is there a universal mind, how does quantum physics (including the holographic paradigm) help us understand manifestation...? Do you take on apprentices...? Cheers ,
RL -  Aotearoa NZ

I am a Year13 student, currently attending ... and have visited your website on many occasions. part on an Internal Assessment, I have chosen to base the theme of my website that I am currently designing on Racism. I would very much appreciate it if you would give me permission to use the information that you have found on racism... my website is for educational purposes only and is not an acutal website... Futhermore, i have no intention of using your information without ur permission... Yours Sincerely
EA -  Aotearoa NZ

Kia ora John.
Thanks for your time.
The areas I would like to explore with you for Mana News are these.
1) The Wai 909 - Maori Atmospheric Claim... 2) What feedback there might be from government on Maori claim to the atmosphere. 3) Climate change and its perils for our Maori communities... 4) The global cost of climate change. So let us know if thats ok for you. Thanks Hei konei
RM - Mana Magazine / Mana Maori Media -  Aotearoa NZ

Dear Sir (Mr Porter?)
Searching for material on David Peat... found your index site... I have made a 'favorite' of this site, and hope to study many of the links. It is extremely impressive how you have produced such good articles on so many subjects that have been my preoccupation most of my life. I am editor of The Ground of Faith an e-journal  and author of The Stephen Experience a record of profound and continuing paranormal experiences. See ... I am also asking if I may give links to individual articles in our e-journal, dedicated to trying to interest clergy in these aspects of spirituality. With best wishes,

Michael CocksAotearoa NZ

...a fascinating article about how the universe is a hologram. The article has a myriad of links and upon following one of them I discovered that it had a New Zealand based domain. Out of curiosity I went to the homepage and discovered this Indigenous Weather Modification site... The operator of the site claims to be able to modify the weather using unspecified techniques that seem to be based on traditional Maori knowledge. It would also seem that the universe-as-hologram theory could be used to understand how it might work. Delving further into the site I discovered something that had a fantastic only-in-New Zealand quality to it:
A Maori Sovereignty group had wanted to fly the Maori Independence flag on the Auckland Harbour Bridge on Waitangi day, New Zealand’s National day. The body that overseas the bridge, Transit New Zealand, had refused permission and upset a great number of Maori including the person running this website. Shortly after this hit the headlines Transit New Zealand received an email from John Porter, weather modification consultant, telling them that he was going to teach them a lesson to the tune of $100 million dollars of weather related damage to New Zealand roads. I can only guess at the reaction of the staff of Transit New Zealand at the arrival of this email – or at their reaction at the arrival of subsequent emails toting up the costs after every piece of bad weather we’ve had this winter. I know this isn’t usual Village Blog fare and I can’t verify any of it except that the storms did in fact happen but I just love a good story.
Holographic Universe
Aotearoa NZ

i teach a 2nd year course on climate change and would love to know about your TWM methods, as your website does not give any detials. You state on your FAQ pages that the info is available on the internet-please could you send me some useful links... Thanks for the info - I'll certainly follow it up. That was my point - I read the FAQ and it's the reason I contacted you. If its private and confidential, how can anyone else learn or study it? What I was thinking of was maybe giving a lecture on this sort of thing to my 2nd years as part of their climate change-some might find it interesting, as an addition to the rather run of the mill stuff I usually teach. So, I wil follow up some of the refs... Again thanks for the tips.
Dr Martin Brook,
Lecturer in Physical Geography, School of People, Environment & Planning, Massey University
- Aotearoa NZ

Hi John,
First of all, congratulations on your efforts to bring more awareness to humanity regarding the deeper nature of reality. You're doing a fantastic job.
I am forwarding a video link to you about claims of HAARP technology being used to trigger the recent Chinese earthquake...

- Aotearoa NZ

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