Email to the Minister of Energy, Hon Pete Hodgson
Subject:   IMPORTANT: re Power Crisis - an Indigenous(Maori) solution.
Date:     Wed, 01 Aug 2001
From:    John Porter <>
To:       Hon Pete Hodgson <>
CC:     Rt Hon Helen Clark <>, Hon Jim Anderton <>, etc.

Dear Mr Hodgson,

With regard to the power situation which now appears to have developed into a serious crisis.
I am reminded of the irony of this situation in that the first drought-affected organization I contacted was ECNZ during the 1992 power crisis...
Once again, I am offering my weather modification service and experience should you and your colleagues feel that the current situation requires it. Further details regarding my background and experience are provided on my website at 
The TWM site contains numerous files. For your convenience, a list of appropriate TWM web pages with explanations is given below... Please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss in more detail how I may be able to help...

John Porter 

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