2002-01-31 10:51:39

TV3 weather presenter Augie Auer is moving to a new role from February 4, 2002. 
Mr Auer is to become the network’s resident meteorologist on a part time basis. As part of that change he will no longer present the weekday weather forecasts on 3 News. 
His new role will see him consulting and commenting for 3 News on weather related news stories, and also offering specialist-forecasting advice. 
“After three years as a weather presenter at TV3, I feel I have done as much as I can do on the presenting front, and I am ready for a new chapter in my forecasting career,” Auer comments. 
“I had a conversation with the network prior to Christmas about my future direction, and after mulling on that during the Christmas break we both decided that was the best next step in my career.” 
TV3’s Director of News and Current Affairs, Mark Jennings, paid tribute to Auer’s professionalism and commitment to his presenting role in the last three years. 
“Augie’s vast meteorological experience has brought real credibility to 3 News’ weather forecasting, and I am delighted we can still retain this expertise in an on-going way,” comments Mr Jennings. 
TV3 is yet to find a replacement for Mr Auer. 

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