Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D. is a consulting physicist, writer, and lecturer. He travels throughout the United States and the world lecturing on the new physics and consciousness and is the author of The Eagle's Quest, Parallel Universes, and The Dreaming Universe. His latest book is The Spiritual Universe 
Wolf won the American Book Award for Taking the Quantum Leap.
He lives in San Francisco.
His first book SPACETIME AND BEYOND dealt with questions of science and mysticism in a cartoon format, and was described as one of the most important works ever published on cosmic unity, scientific theory, and the nature of consciousness. His second book, TAKING THE QUANTUM LEAP was the recipient of the American Book Award for Science softcovers in 1982 and one reviewer said, "The prose is every bit as exhilarating as Gamow's and exhibits the same passion to explain--humorously." His third book, STAR WAVE: MIND, CONSCIOUSNESS AND QUANTUM PHYSICS, was critically acclaimed on the front page of the New York Times book Review as "a brilliant original leap into the future." His fourth book, THE BODY QUANTUM was described as "introducing a new model into medicine that may allow us to re­envision the body." His fifth book, PARALLEL UNIVERSES: THE SEARCH FOR OTHER WORLDS, has been described by Publisher's Weekly as "A wild intellectual ride . . . An enthralling read." The San Francisco Chronicle­Examiner said that it had "Amazing speculations on time travel, the nature of reality and existence, and the role of consciousness." New Age Journal described it as "An outrageous ride along the frontiers of science." His sixth book, THE EAGLE'S QUEST: A PHYSICIST'S SEARCH FOR TRUTH IN THE HEART OF THE SHAMANIC WORLD describes in a visionary autobiography style, the author's interactions with shamans the world over and brings to bear the author's insights into the overlap of the modern physicist's view of reality with the shaman's. The author had actually participated with several new world shamans in sometimes painful and illuminating ceremonies with them. His seventh book, THE DREAMING UNIVERSE published in May 1994 has been described as "The most important book on the nature and significance of dreams since Freud's THE INTERPRETATION OF DREAMS. It describes a new vision of self in the universe arising from matter dreaming.