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Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research

Scientific Study of Consciousness-Related Physical Phenomena

Implications and Applications

PEAR activities are motivated by three overarching goals:

Basic Science
Accommodation of the observed anomalies within a functional scientific framework will require the explicit inclusion of consciousness as an active agent in the establishment of physical reality. This expansion of the scientific paradigm demands more courageous theoretical structures than exist at present, guided by more comprehensive empirical data than is now available, acquired via more cooperative interdisciplinary collaborations than are currently practiced. PEAR has enduring roles to play in all three aspects of this search. 

Technological Applications
Despite the small scale of the observed consciousness-related anomalies, they could be functionally devastating to many types of contemporary information processing systems, especially those relying on random reference signals. Such concern could apply to aircraft cockpits and ICBM silos; to surgical facilities and trauma response equipment; to environmental and disaster control technology; or to any other technical scenarios where the emotions of human operators may intensify their interactions with the controlling devices and processes. Indeed, the extraordinarily sophisticated equipment that generates much of the fundamental data on which modern science is based cannot be excluded from this potential vulnerability.Protection against such consciousness-related interference could become essential to the design and operation of many future information acquisition and processing systems. On the positive side, since these same research results provide important technical evidence of the precious process of human creativity, they offer the promising possibility of a new genre of human/machine systems that will enable more creative performance in all manner of applications from medicine to management, from manufacturing to communications, from education to recreation.

Cultural Implications
Beyond its scientific impact and its technological applications, clear evidence of an active role of consciousness in the establishment of reality holds sweeping implications for our view of ourselves, our relationship to others, and to the cosmos in which we exist. These, in turn, must inevitably impact our values, our priorities, our sense of responsibility, and our style of life. Integration of these changes across the society can lead to a substantially superior cultural ethic, wherein the long-estranged siblings of science and spirit, of analysis and aesthetics, of intellect and intuition, and of many other subjective and objective aspects of human experience will be productively reunited.