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Floyd Sweet- Association of Distinguished American Scientists 2311 Big Cove Road Huntsville, Alabama 358010
T. E. Bearden - Association of Distinguished American Scientists 2311 Big Cove Road Huntsville, Alabama 35801

Based on E.T. Whittaker's previously unnoticed 1903-1904 papers which established a hidden bidirectional EM wave structure in a standing forcefield free scalar potential, a method of directly engineering the ambient potential of the vacuum has been developed and realized experimentally. Adding Whittaker's engineerable hidden variable theory to classical electro-magnetics, quantum mechanics, and general relativity produces supersets of each discipline. These supersets are joined by the common Whittaker subset, producing a unified field theory that is engineerable and tested. By treating the nucleus of the atom as a pumped phase conjugate mirror, several working model energy units have been produced which excite and organize the local vacuum, increase the local virtual photon flux between local vacuum and nucleus, establish coherent self-oscillations between the local excited vacuum and the affected nuclei, utilize the self-oscillating standing wave for self-pumping of the nuclei/mirrors, introduce a very tiny signal wave to the mirrors, and output into an external load circuit a powerful, amplified, time-reversed phase conjugate replica wave at 60 Hertz frequency and nominal 120 volt sine wave power. Several models have been built, ranging from 6 watts early on to one of 5 kilowatts. Both closed batteryless systems with damped positive feedback and open loop systems with battery-powered input have been successfully built. Open loop power gains of from 5 x 104 to 1.5 x 106 have been achieved. Antigravity experiments have also been successfully conducted where the weight of the unit was reduced by 90% in controlled experiments, with a signal wave input of 175 microwatts and an output of 1 kilowatt. The basic theory of the device is briefly explained and experimental results presented. In the demonstration session, a videotape of one operating open-loop unit with a 1.5 x 106 power gain is planned, as is the demonstration of an actual working model closed-loop system with a nominal rating of 500 watts, and without external power input of any kind. The units are solid state, with no moving parts. Each of them comprises a unique form of self-powered vacuum triode of extraordinary gain, where the cathode power and plate power are freely furnished by the vacuum, and only a small grid signal need be furnished either from an external power source or by clamped positive feedback from the device's output. The output is negative energy, and some of its unique characteristics are pointed out. Implications of the experimental application of the Sweet vacuum triode, the Bearden approach to the nucleus as a pumped phase conjugate mirror, and the unified field theory based on Whittaker's engineerable hidden variable scalar EM potential theory are also briefly addressed.

In 1837 Sir W.R. Hamilton said, "The notion of time may be unfolded into an independent pure science... a science of pure time is possible." As is well-known, the fundamental units utilized in physics are arbitrary. It is even possible to construct all of physics on a single unit, time. This oddity shows the truth in Hamilton's statement; it is even more odd, because quantum mechanically time is not an observable. This means that the observable world can be modeled completely in terms of the nonobservable, which is essentially what modern quantum mechanics is now doing. Hamilton viewed his magnificent quaternions as essentially having accomplished the mathematical structuring of time. Maxwell's original EM theory, as is well-known, was modeled in Hamilton's quaternions, not in the highly curtailed Heaviside/Hertz vectors erroneously taught today as "Maxwell's theory." Not a single one of the present so-called "Maxwell's" vector equations ever appeared in a book or paper by James Clerk Maxwell. For some years the author has worked on an extended electromagnetics theory, involving the scalar component of the quaternion. [ref. 1] In Maxwell's original quaternion theory, this scalar component often remains when the directional components zero. Further, it then enfolds vectors and functions of vectors inside, in a hidden variable manner. Specifically, the author has patterned a unified field theory concept upon the previously unnoticed but remarkable early work of E.T. Whittaker. [ref. 2] In two fundamental papers in 1903 and 1904, Whittaker showed that all present vector EM can be replaced by scalar potential interferometry, and that bidirectional harmonic EM plane wave sets could be used to produce a standing wave of force-field-free potential (Figures 1 and 2). Thus Whittaker anticipated the quantum | phi(x) | | | | | Potential | + + | + + <---- Organized Local Space-Time | + + Curvature | + EM + | + Substructure + | + + | + + |+_______________________________+_______________________________+__ + + X --> + EM + + Substructure + + + + + + + + + Figure 1. Cross-section of Whittaker spherical EM potential wave. mechanical Aharonov/Bohm effect by 55 years, including extending it to the macroscopic world instead of the mesoscopic realm where it has been established to date. [ref. 3] In modern terms, Whittaker showed how to turn EM wave energy into electrogravitational potential energy, then how to interfere two such scalar potential waves to recover electromagnetic energy, even at a distance. [ref. 4] This unrecognized work is of great importance: when applied to modern physics, it produces supersets of quantum mechanics (QM), classical electromagnetics (EM), and general relativity (GR). Further, all three extended disciplines unify on their common Whittaker subset, in a testable and engineerable fashion. [ref. 5] (figure too complex for ASCII) Figure 2. Infolded EM plane wave structure of a Whittaker wave.....

Purpose of This Paper
Our purpose is to explain the detailed scalar EM concept of the operation of the vacuum triode, since it is a universal method for cohering and tapping useful EM energy from the vacuum. The author believes that this mechanism is the fundamental mechanism that must be invoked in any over-unity device that electromagnetically extracts vacuum energy as electromagnetic effects. We also intend to demonstrate a full working model of the device at this conference. Sweet's detailed theoretical treatment will be completed and submitted to a major journal shortly, to complete the scientific exposition of the new methodology. I must also express my deep admiration for my brilliant inventor colleague. It has been a privilege to work with him, though under great difficulties and at a distance. He has developed several other related devices that are of great importance to the emerging new physics of vacuum engineering, in the sense referred to by Lee. [ref. 9] To mention just one, he has produced a magnetic lens which apparently can directly display the vacuum's virtual particle flux, or a good analog of it. So far as I am aware, this is the only extant instrument today that can perform this feat. When the vacuum triode has been proven to the scientific community, it is my intention to nominate Sweet for the Nobel Prize he so richly deserves, and seek high scientific endorsements for the recommendation.

Entropy as is well known, in any closed dynamic system the order existing in it will gradually be dissipated, as more and more interactions occur. This leads to the notion of entropy as the increasing disorder in such systems. The assumptions are (1) a closed system, and (2) a positive flow of time for the components of the system. Actually no such thing as a completely closed system exists in nature. Every mass system is open to virtual particle flux exchange with the vacuum, for example, particularly in the nucleus of its atoms, where the bulk of its mass is located. However, the closed system assumption is reasonably approximated by a great many systems which are in stable thermodynamic equilibrium, or nearly so. On the other hand, in an open system far from thermodynamic equilibrium, the second law of thermodynamics does not necessarily apply, because the system violates both the closed system assumption and its equilibrium approximation. [ref. 10]......

A new unified field theory has been developed, tested, and at least partially verified experimentally. The concepts of the theory have been applied by Sweet in a series of inventions that produce readily usable, safe electromagnetic power directly from the vacuum. The methodology lends itself to formulation of power devices without moving parts. Antigravity, predicted by the concepts of the theory, has been demonstrated in actual practical demonstrations on the laboratory bench. Though not discussed in this paper, application of the concepts and methodology to a large variety of other fields, such as medical reversal of aging and curing of almost the entire range of present debilitating diseases, has been previously pointed out. [ref. 23] We have also pointed out the mechanism for Kaznacheyev's cytopathogenic effect, or the induction of cellular pathology at a distance by electromagnetic means. [ref. 24] We have also pointed out the specific mechanism involved in Priore's device, which in rigorous laboratory animal testing under the auspices of eminent French scientists, demonstrated nearly 100 percent cures for terminal cancers and leukemias, sleeping sickness, artherosclerosis, and other debilitating diseases.[ref. 25] We believe we have also produced the concepts enabling the direct engineering and therapeutic manipulation of Popp's master cellular control system. [ref. 26] We conclude that the concepts we have utilized and experimentally demonstrated are universal, as implied by any notional unified field theory. Our conclusion is that the concepts, theory, and experiments, taken together, are sufficient for investigation and replication by the scientific community. If replicated and fully substantiated, we believe the work will directly point the way to, and usher in, a new unified field theory physics of universal application.

As can be seen, the implications of the new approach are profound. The authors believe they have ushered in the forerunner of a vast new physics, one which will change our lives, and our view of physical reality, in ways previously undreamed of. By mastering, controlling, and gating the vast, incredible energy of the seething vacuum, we can power our automobiles, flying machines, and technology inexhaustibly. Further, it can be done absolutely cleanly; there are no noxious chemical pollutants to poison the biosphere. With practical antigravity, ships can be developed to cross the solar system as readily as one crosses the ocean today. And the ships, automobiles, and technology will never run out of fuel; the inexhaustible vacuum fills every system, everywhere, to overflowing.

Not discussed in this paper, it turns out that living systems, faced with the problem of achieving negentropy so as to maintain their form in a dissipative external physical reality, have always used the hidden internal channel for such things as mind, thought, cell control, and living functions.

With the new methodology, one now faces the advent of access and engineering of the mind and life of the observer as readily as the observer's physical body. Transmutation of the elements, control of the weather, lighting and powering our cities and homes cheaply and cleanly, and provision of plenty for everyone is the vista for the future. We can in fact clean up the radioactive wastes, rid ourselves of coarse nuclear and petroleum powerplants. We strongly stress that, with the ability to engineer the Schroedinger equation itself, the new methodology allows the direct engineering and control of quantum change, and hence of physical reality itself.
The methodology is extendable to hyperdimensions; nested virtual levels of the vacuum are already precisely that. The author has already pointed out the application of this emerging technology to the absolute cure of diseases such as AIDS, cancer, leukemia, etc., and shown that the Priore device in France already proved the efficacy of the application in the 60s and 70s. We shall be able to rid ourselves and our descendents of diseases. With direct access to the actual software of life and mind, in the future we should be able to achieve levels of education previously unattainable, by directly inputting the relevant software.

Previously we have also pointed out that four nations of the world are already embarked on weaponization of scalar EM unified field technology. It is sobering to think that, in addition to having the ability to make our planet a paradise for humankind, we also will have the ability to make it a hades. For that reason, we are doing our best to clarify the technical concept and the theory in this 1991, hopefully with the view that humankind will seize upon the positive aspects, and develop and apply this technology for the betterment of all people everywhere. Long ago, Albert Einstein said these words: "It would of course be a great step forward if we succeeded in combining the gravitational field and the electromagnetic field into a single structure. Only so could the era in theoretical physics inaugurated by Faraday and Clerk Maxwell be brought to a satisfactory close." And Teilhard de Chardin wrote: "Someday, after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love. Then for the second time in the history of the world man will have discovered fire." The authors fervently believe they have come upon fire for the second time, as allegorized by de Chardin. If so, let us all use the knowledge wisely.