An Interview with Tom Bearden
The following partial extract is taken from an interview with Tom Bearden which appeared in a magazine called "Megabrain Report".  It is dated 4-Feb-1991. The interviewers were Terry Patten and Michael Hutchison.

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"Lt. Col. Thomas E. Bearden is a nuclear engineer, war games and weapons analyst, and military tactician. He has an MS in nuclear engineering from Georgia Tech and is a graduate of the US Army Command and General Staff College and several US Army artillery and guided missile schools. He has over 30 years experience in air defense systems, technical intelligence, Soviet electromagnetic weaponry, artificial intelligence, computerized war games, and antiradiation missile countermeasures. He is a senior scientist with a large aerospace company [Colsa Corp.] Col. Bearden personally developed and published the basis for a drastic revision of electromagnetic theory and engineering, based on the work of Whittaker and Maxwell. His work is primarily responsible for the widespread interest and research into scalar electromagnetic phenomena in this country over the past decade. He is the author of several books on this subject, including *Towards a New Electromagnetics*, Parts I-IV (Tesla Book Company)."

Question: So how about general relativity? How does it fit in?
"A similar thing also happened to general relativity, believe it or not! Einstein unwittingly restricted general relativity to a subset of the theory he intended to write....Unfortunately, Einstein's modern followers have raised Einsteinian general relativity to a dogma. They ruthlessly uphold the overstatement of the flat local spacetime postulate. Physicists who would dispute it __ and quite a few would do so __ are essentially barred from obtaining funding. If they persist with their heresy, their scientific stature is lost, and they are ostracized and cut off economically. Simply read Santilli's book, if you wish a clear inside picture. 

Contrary to the scientific propaganda, orthodox science is ruthless in defending its doctrine against all would-be heretics. Much of science has been converted to a religion, instead of a science. Any person knowledgeable of scientific history can cite numerous examples of scientific suppression, character assassination, and essentially banishment. Gauss's nonlinear geometry, Wegener's continental drift, Mayer's discovery of the conservation of energy, Ovshinsky's amorphous semiconductors, physical therapy, the EKG, and the clinical use of hypnosis come readily to mind. Scientists form a distribution, just like any other group. Some of them are saints. Some of them are devils. The broad majority is neither, but is made up of just ordinary people like you and me, doing a specialized job. Every scientific model is known to be falsifiable and imperfect in the first place, if you believe Godel's theorem.Scientific method does not yield total truth anyway, by its own assertion; at best it yields a partial truth. By the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, every measurement distorts the entity with which the instrument interacts, changing what actually appears to be measured. Real scientists know that scientific models are progressive. For any model, sooner or later a better one, an improvement, will be found."

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