In this section we will be adding real stories written by people who practice Sahaja Yoga regularly (whether for many years or just months) as well as letters we received from people who just discovered Sahaja Yoga, or want to share what they felt while visiting our site. Some are short notes, and some are astoundingly personal letters describing events in the lives of the authors which took our breath away.

We encourage everyone who has had an experience in Sahaja Yoga to share it with us by sending us email or by simply filling the online form. The identities of all contributors will be protected if requested.

I thank Life for leading me to this path  by V.L.
Incredible surge in my spine, third eye and crown  by C.C.
Never felt this good after doing other techniques like Reiki, ...  by D.K.
A beginner's impressions  by B.M.
I would have probably died by now  by D.M.
Healing back problems through vibrations by P.R., D.D.S., New York
What has Sahaja Yoga done for me ?  by V.Z.
After only two months of Sahaja Yoga  by V.Y., Aruba
Deep feeling like it was all I ever wanted  by A.B., Florida






I thank Life for leading me to this path V.L.
i am a writer and i have written three books: Truth, Freedom and Knowledge. i have devoted my whole twenty years of living to these books. i have studied anthropology, philosophy, psychology, children, human biology, music, arts and by writing and painting i try to understand Life, the Soul, the Heart and the Mind...but i now know that these four are represented in everything you do.

i find people such as leonardo da vinci, einstein and isaac newton a few of my most inspiring influences because of their Love for the universe and its secrets, and now Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi...

apart from these men, i have never come closer to anyone who has had the same beliefs and purposes as i have. i admit i have a long road to travel, but nothing can stop a real dream. my whole life i have been searching for Divine Truth and Divine Knowledge, amongst these people and my dreams, i believe i have found my release...

i thank Life for leading me to this path..... i will be glad to recieve any new information from you, and i will be visiting the nearest centre closest to me for inspiration.

yours truly



Incredible surge in my spine, third eye and crown C.C.
Dear Friends, just had your website experience with Shri Mataji. Had an incredible surge of Kundalini energy in my spine and third eye and crown.I must know more of this work.

I have taken some phone numbers from your website directory and will phone them tomorrow. I must get involved with this work. Thanks, C. C



Never felt this good after doing other techniques like Reiki ....... by D.K.
Respected Mataji,

Thank you very very much for initiation into sahaja yoga. This person was initiated into Sahaj Yoga 15 days back in Delhi center at the Safdarjang enclave.

Felt very good and did actually feel cool vibration in the hand, over the head and sometimes in back areas also. Never felt this good after doing other techniques like Reiki, Magnified healing, spiritual healing, meditations.

Thank you very much



A beginner's impressions B.M.
I originally come from Portugal and have recently started Sahaja Yoga. I would like to say to all people who follow Sahaja Yoga as a way of life that I am deeply greatfull for all the work you do and I admire your dedication. You bring light to this world in more than one way, you are the speakers of truth and true knowledge.



I would have probably died by now D.M.
Well, first of all, if SY where not there I would have probably died of liver damage by now. I used to drink every day from very early in the morning till I used to faint at night. I basically had more alcohol in my system than blood!

Then obviously all the cigarettes, 2 packs a day, marijuana, extasy and lsd...all that during ten years, I was living in hell... Trying to get out of all that situation; but the more I tried, the more I would go back in, it was a nightmare.

My first step out was with AA, which I started same time as Sahaja Yoga, but then I realized very soon that Sahaja Yoga was absolutely helping me on a "real" level. I could feel all my chakras, where all the harm had been done and how easy it was to cure it.

S.Y. is a very simple, loving way to help anyone from any problem, thank you Shri Mataji



Healing back problems through vibrations P.R., D.D.S., New York
Dear Dr. Rai:

I am amazed at the work you have been doing with Sahaja Yoga. I only wish I had come to know about it before I had my back (L5-S1) surgery. But I am so glad I have found it and have been a practicing Sahaja Yogi of the last 13 months. I do not need my Asthma medications as well as any pain medications even though I still have bulging L4-L5 and herniated discs C3, 4 and 5. My physician is amazed at my movement in all related parts.



What has Sahaja Yoga done for me ? V.Z.
To try to answer the question "What has Sahaja Yoga done for me ?" is like trying to answer the question "What has being able to breathe done for me ?" Everything. It has transformed the way I live my life, the way I enjoy life, the way I understand life. Before Sahaja Yoga I was always looking for a meaning upon which to base my existence. I became frustrated as there seemed no ultimate answer to What is good or bad, right or wrong. How could I conduct my life according to principles if I didn't know WHICH principles ?

The amazing thing about Sahaja Yoga is that it proves what it sets forth. There is no blind acceptance of a set of beliefs or techniques; there is a mechanism, the existence and effects of which are verifiable on our central nervous system. This mechanism is applicable to all fields of life, and on every level - mental, emotional, physical, etc. Whenever one is in doubt or questions the best course of action, one has simply to ask one's enlightened nervous system and the answer manifests itself ( as a cool breeze or heat on the hands and on the top of the head). And as the basis of this system exists in every human being, it functions in a collective way - as we help ourselves, so can we help others, by using this "subtle knowledge" for human benevolence.

Gross level problems like insomnia and allergies were quickly resolved after I started Sahaja Yoga meditation. They became insignificant as I saw more subtle changes in my life - I became more balanced emotionally and psychologically, relationships became based on innocence rather than eternally "hunting" for the perfect mate, I started to enjoy the present moment rather than racing to the future or dwelling on the past. Every day provides examples of situations which would have either troubled, annoyed, or stymied me before, but for which I now have the capacity to handle in an appropriate way. I feel extremely fortunate to have Sahaja Yoga as a vital part of my life.




After only two months of Sahaja Yoga V.Y., Aruba
I just started with Sahaj Yoga 2 months ago and it has been incredible. I am 58 years old and was suffering with pains all over and as a smoker I had chronic bronchitis and could not breathe easily. Now with my realization and Sahaj treatments I can breathe. I feel as a new human being, thanks to Shri Mataji.



Deep feeling like it was all I ever wanted A.B., Florida
Hi Herbert,

What I said was that I am going to stick with Sahaja Yoga. What I practiced before never gave me any results. Now with Sahaja Yoga I think I have made a connection. I start talking to the Kundalini energy like to my dear friend and telling it to go up my spine and sit at the crown of my head, then after a while I felt a deep feeling for self realization like it was all I ever wanted, then I felt like the whole Earth was within my self. I move my left hand to the top of my head and feel something cold running inside of my hand. It could be the Kundalini showing herself ? [...]

From the God of my Self I am.......Light, Love and Peace.