Meditation is that state of deep peace which occurs when the mind is calm, silent yet completely alert. The real power of meditation lies also in its capacity to take us to a higher state of awareness that will help us fulfill our true human potential in every way.

Through Sahaja Yoga meditation, one can experience the benefits such as :

Improved health and strengthened immune system
Reduced stress, anxiety and irritability
Better focus and concentration in studies or at the workplace
Giving up negative and self-destructive habits and lifestyle
Strengthening of one's self-esteem and self-confidence
Improvement of communication skills leading to more enriched relationships in all areas
Awakening of one's human awareness to a new dimension of collective consciousness, enabling     the individual to feel the state of his own energies and of others
Overcoming divisive patterns which can lead to disharmony between individuals, communities,     races and cultures

Health Benefits
Illnesses and ailments arise due to imbalances of the subtle energy system. Through Sahaja Yoga, one awakens the dormant primordial energy Kundalini and it starts enlightening the subtle energy centres (chakras) within you. You can then heal, correct, balance and nourish the subtle energy centres (chakras) through simple cleansing techniques taught in Sahaja Yoga. As you become more centered and balanced, your state of health improves and you become more immune to illnesses. As Shri Mataji Herself says, "Once you are properly established, you don't have to worry about your health at all."

The health benefits of Sahaja Yoga have been documented by medical doctors and psychologists, and confirmed by clinical studies and research. Many have also cured themselves of ailments such as high blood pressure, asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, cancer etc.

Improved Sleeping patterns
Another obvious benefit that is gained from Sahaja Yoga is that one sleeps better, deeper and awake more refreshed in the morning. Many people suffer from insomnia or unsatisfactory sleep, which they blame on everything from weather to bad bedsprings. In fact, a lot of it can simply be put down to a busy mind, not letting go of the past day's events, or worrying about planning for tomorrow. Through Sahaja Yoga, one can begin to live and sleep in the present.

Stress Management
Shri Mataji in her book, "Stress Management through Sahaja Yoga" explains the relationship between the nervous system and the emotional, physical and mental health. According to her, the left and right sympathetic nervous systems correspond to our Yin (our emotions, desires and the past) and Yang energies (our action and futuristic thinking) respectively. Stress is a product of imbalance between the two energies, as well as an overworked and over-exhausted sympathetic nervous system.

With Sahaja Yoga, one can learn to balance these two energies and enjoy a more balanced state of living - staying alert yet be peaceful and calm.

The awakening of the dormant spiritual energy Kundalini brings about improvements and positive changes in our personality. With practice, one will discover that many innate qualities of our energy centres (chakras) manifesting and expressing in one's life. We become automatically very dynamic, creative, confident and at the same time very humble, loving and compassionate. Many individuals, who practice Sahaja Yoga, also discover their own innate talents and potential in many areas (e.g. art, music, public speaking etc) and gradually develop them to levels they never imagined possible before.

The practice of meditation also improves one's mental focus, concentration and energy levels. With a calm yet alert mind, it is no wonder the practitioners of Sahaja Yoga take on an air of confidence in dealing with life's challenges