Whippet Speciality Shows  2000-2005

TWC 25th Championship Show 27/11/2005 in Ardmore - Judge Mr F Kane UK, all pictures by Supashots

Celine CC, RBIS & JIS Layla MPIS Wolf  PIS
Flash VIS & 
Best Progeny in Show
G Ronndal Grace OIS Bilbo RCC and Ronndal Kennels Best Breeder in Show

South Island Whippet Club 24/09/05 Judge Mrs J Quiros-Kubat, Dragonslayer Whippets, Argentina
Bilbo CC, BIS & OIS, Celine CC, RBIS & PIS, Flash VIS

TWC 23nd Championship Show 12/10/2003 in Taupo - Judge Mrs L Scanlon USA
The show was held in conjuction with the 2nd Sighthound extravaganza - with      and Lure coursing
 Flash BIS & OIS Speciality 
and Best Progeny & Best Brace with son Beckham to the right
BeckhamBPIS and Best Brace with father Flash to the left 
 Sassafras PIS
 Grace RCC and JIS
DP best Veteran in Show (11 years)
Sassafras picture Mirage Studios
won the Lure coursing out of 39 entered sighthounds
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Best Breeder in Show
Ronndal Kennels
Flach with winning progeny group, Beckham, Grace and Obie picture Mirage Studios

At the final at the Sighthound Extravaganza Flash won BIS, Beckham BPIS, Sassafras PIS, DP Best Veteran In Show
AND as the crown on top all of the showing Sassafras won the Lure coursing of 39 entered Sighthounds, this event also judge by Mrs Linda Scanlon from USA

South Island Speciality 14/12/02 - Judge Mr I Rasmussen partner in Oakway whippets Australia

BIS and PIS Ronndal Xciting Dream RBIS & OIS AUST&NZ Statuesque Toronndal
and Best progeny with his three daughters
NZIS Ronndal Xtra Sweet 

TWC 22nd Championship Show 15/09/2002 in Auckland - Judge Mrs J Minns UK
Leda won IIS owned by Mrs L Watson
CH Ronndal Deset Pea (DP)  Best Veteran in Show
Best Breeder in Show - Ronndal Kennels


South Island Speciality15/09/01  - Judge Mrs Editha Newton    Nevedith Whippets UK

Ronndal U Two BPIS
CH Ronndal Rain On RCC & JIS
CH Ronndal Opus One NZIS
CH Ronndal Desert Pea 
This was DP's 5th win 
"Best Progeny in Show "  at Whippet Speciality Shows
DP, Rocks, Ninya and Obie

TWC 21th Championship Show 25/05/01 in Auckland -  Judge Mrs R M Cabion South Africa
RBIS and IIS CH Ronndal Never Say Never
DP has won  Best Progeny

 TWC 20th Championship Show 17/09/00 in Auckland - Judge Mr P Moran Healy, Hillsdown Whippets UK

BIS and NZIS Ronndal Rain Storm
BPIS Ronndal Solid Gold
IIS CH Ronndal Opus One
 CH Ronndal Desert Pea  Best Veteran in Show 
and Best Progeny
Best Breeder in Show
Ronndal Kennels


 TWC 19th Championship Show 09/04/2000 in Taupo - Judge Dr E Engh Jets Greyhounds N

DP has won  Best Progeny 
Fred won PIS
CH Ronndal Never Say Never
 Leda and Rocks won there classes
Leda won BPIS owned by L Watson
Best Breeder in Show
Ronndal Kennels

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