Records up to date 9/12/2014

We have made up (63) Champions, of which 59 are under Ronndal prefix

Supreme Champion
BIS & SBIS NZ GR Ronndal Xciting Dream
6xBIS +11xRBIS 7xNZIS, 5xIIS 9xJIS +2xSBIS + PIS + 80CCs

Grand Champions
BIS & SBIS NZ GR CH Ronndal Never Say Never

BIS & SBIS (includingWhippet National 2002) AUST NZ GR CH Statuesque Toronndal

BIS & SBIS NZ GR Ronndal Copycat

BIS Multi SBIS RBIS CH Ronndal Elven Song JIS IIS NZIS

Sing GR CH Multi BIS & RSBIS CH Ronndal Fairy Lights +PIS +JIS (Ng & Ong)

 Sing GR CH Multi BIS CH Ronndal Corrected Copy  PIS (Ng & Ong)

GR  CH Ronndal I Hear Music

GR CH Ronndal Keepsake at Arcon (Anita Henderson)

BIS Champions
BIS & SBIS CH Ronndal Words To Music +PIS

BIS & SBIS (Whippet National 2007) CH Ronndal Yes Indeed  +PIS +JIS

SBIS & RBIS CH Ronndal I've Got Charisma

Phil Hall of Fame & GR CH Ronndal X-Port To Boysie RBIS (Villavicencio)
Ferro has gained his title of "Grand sire of merit" having sired more than 12 champions so far 2004.

Phil GR CH Ronndal At Tiffany's +(4 in NZ) PIS in NZ (Villavicencio)

Special CH
INT NORD CH Ronndal Oozing Style (Hagenes)
SBIS CH Ronndal Desert Pea +PIS
NZ & USA CH Ronndal U Two (Mary Archer)
SBIS & RBIS Ronndal Bond - James Bond (3 x PIS)
RSBIS Ronndal Opus One +PIS
RSBIS CH Statuesque Exotique (Pieterse)
INT, Jap & NZ CH Ronndal Xtra Sweet (Hagiuda) +PIS
Phil GR CH Ronndal Y's Choise RBIS (Villavicencio)
USA CH Ronndal Walk On Water (Mary Archer)
PHIL GR CH Ronndal Carbon Copy (Villavicencio)
Fin & NZ CH Ronndal Zinedine Zidane PIS
Mex CH Ronndal Zinzan Brooke (2 in NZ) (Cano Resendez)
RSBIS (National Whippet & NZKC) Ronndal Ever After at Beesholme PIS (Howell)
Multi SBIS Ronndal Elfennoir at Beesholme  (Howell)
American CH Ronndal Dance Dance Dance (Powell)
I&F&CH Ch Ronndal Go Go Girl of Almaglo (Carpone)
Th CH Ronndal Kiss Me Quick (Tienrungsri)
Jap Ronndal Moon River (Yoshimasa Sugasawa)
IND & NZ CH Ronndal Licence To Kill  2 xPIS 1 RBIS A/B (Sundar) Multi Groups and BIS4 in India

Noholme Bo Derek
Ronndal Daphne (Clark) +PIS
Ronndal Indian Summer (Howell)
Ronndal Just In Time
Ronndal Just One Look (Wu) +PIS
Ronndal Orion's Belt (Byrne)
Ronndal Rain On (Nicolls) +PIS
 Ronndal Rain N Ladye (Watson) + PIS, JIS
Ronndal Ura Dream Cum Tru (St George) +PIS
Ronndal Word To Word (St George&Ekstam)
Ronndal Boogie Nights (Taylor) PIS
Ronndal Eye of the Storm (Nicholson & Ekstam)
Statuesque Satirical  (Ekstam) PIS
Ronndal Go Get'em  3 x PIS +JIS (Hannam)
Ronndal Xquisite Rose (Hunt & Ekstam)
Pipsqueak Lucky Shamrok (Ekstam & Hagenes)
Ronndal Elvengift at Beesholme  (Ingham) BOG
Ronndal Jam Session (Ekstam) BOG
Ronndal Hot Pepper  (Cherry)  BOG
Ronndal Kalm Kool N Kollectd at Shenace  (Watson) PIS
Ronndal Moonwalk  (Ekstam)
Ronndal Dancing Queen  (Ekstam) SBIS
Ronndal Night Fever at Benbridge  (Faifua & Fox) RBOG
Ronndal New York New York  (Ekstam) RBOG
Ronndal Love Bug (Ekstam) BOG
Ronndal Night of Passion (Ekstam) JIS
Ronndal Naughty but Nice  PIS (Cherry)
Ronndal Quietly Confident (Ekstam)
Ronndal Play It Cool (Ekstam) BOG


CC winners (24),of which 22 are under Ronndal Ronndal prefix
Rothbury Rattle Trap (2) BOG
Ronndal Daffodil (2)
Ronndal Daisy (5) RSBIS (Low)
Ronndal Fier Et Chic Mec (3)
Ronndal Fantaisie du Mec (5) (Powley&Ekstam)
Ronndal Indian Pepper (5) +PIS
Statuesque Black Magic (2) +PIS
Ronndal Knock On Wood (3)
Ronndal Nick of Time (5)(McKenzie)
Ronndal New Sensation (1) (Marks)
Ronndal Silver N Gold (5) (ST George)
SBIS Ronndal Rain Storm (1) (Russell&Ekstam)
Ronndal Touch The Rainbow (1) + 2xPIS (Ekstam)
Ronndal Ur Th One (6) (Clark&Ekstam)
Ronndal X-Files (5) +PIS (Taylor)
Ronndal At The Ritz (2)  PIS (C.Smith & Ekstam)
Ronndal Chasing Dreams (2) (St George)
Ronndal Batman Forever (7) (Nicholls & Ekstam)
Ronndal Danceswith Wolves (1) (Graham)
Ronndal Heads or Tails (1) PIS (Tienrungsri)
Ronndal Hot Lips at Canoodle's (Maria and Paul in Belgium)
Ronndal Pretty In Pink (Ekstam)