Comparison of development of our Champion Whippets from puppies to adults

We find this comparison very interesting as some ugly ducklings can turn out quite beautiful (Grace),
it's also interesting to follow the top lines and  angles.
I have chosen the Whippets of ours that have done well (BOG + In Show awards) at dog shows
the ages that we like to look at them -  8 weeks and 3 months of age.

This is an idea of Lee Pieterse (Statuesque Whippets).

Comments are welcome

Multi BIS & SBIS AUST & NZ GR CH Statuesque Toronndal "Flash" 20/04/97

7w 6m at 4yrs
Multi BIS & SBIS GR CH Ronndal Never Say Never  "Ninya" 15/06/97
at 2yrs
BIS & SBIS  CH Ronndal Words To Music  "Sade" 15/08/01
10w 4m at 2yrs
Multi BIS & SBIS GR CH Ronndal Xciting Dream "Grace" 02/04/02
at 2yrs
 BIS & SBIS CH Ronndal Yes Indeed " Sassafras" 01/11/02
8w 3m at 3yrs
Phil GR CH Ronndal Y's Choice "Olivia" 01/11/02
8w 3m at 1yr
Fin & NZ CH Ronndal Zinedine Zidane "Beckham" 13/05/03
8w 3m at 2yrs
RBIS & SBIS  CH Ronndal Bond - James Bond "Bilbo" 04/03/04
8w 3m at 2yrs
 RBIS & SBIS  CH Ronndal Copycat "Celine" 11/10/04
8w 3m at 16month

 CH Ronndal Corrected Copy "Cushla" 11/10/04

8w 3m at 1yr

RBIS & SBIS  CH Ronndal Elven Song "Annie" 02/11/05

9w 3m at 16month

 BIS & SBIS  CH Ronndal Fairy Lights "Remy" 04/11/05

7w 3m at 9month