New Zealand Amateur radio station


Hi, and welcome to my web page.  My name is Ronald de Koning. I am 39 years old, married to Marian and we have 3 children:

Susan, Jennifer and Michael.

As you can see from the title above, I am a ham. I enjoy spending my spare time in “the shack” (radio room).

I got interested in this hobby, many years ago, in 1980, when I bought a second hand CB radio.  In 1980 was the year they legalised the CB band in The Netherlands and many people like myself bought a CB radio. Very soon the 11 meter band was crowded with people chatting to each other. For most people on CB in those days this was just a fun way of communicating, like nowadays people use the internet for chatting. For me, it was more then just talking. I wanted to know how these radio’s and antenna’s worked. So I opened my CB radio and started to modify it. (more channels, power etc). It turned out to be not that easy, and this experimenting shortened the life of my CB set. Years went by and my interest in the radio hobby faded a little. I became more interested in sports (volleyball), and nightlife.

 In 1996, I was working for KPN Mobile as a field engineer maintaining and building mobile phone, paging and trunking networks. My manager, at that time, also a ham offered me to study for my Amateur radio licence. He thought, it would be a good idea, so I would benefit from this in my work. To me it sounded very good, because now I could study for my licence and get paid for it !!

I passed my exam and got my technician licence. A few days later, I was back “on the air”, after a long period of being of the air.

This time it was on 2 meters, and I was hooked again. Soon I found out that this was a lot different from the “old CB”, and now I could talk to people who were also interested in the technical part of the radio hobby.

In 2001, We emigrated to New Zealand, as you can read in our story. I was determined to continue with amateur radio in New Zealand. I passed my morse code exam. Now I was allowed to transmit on HF. This was one of the things, I always wanted.  It didn’t take me long to set up a new station. Here in New Zealand, I met another ham, ZL1JDW. He helped me to find the materials to build an antenna tower.

I have split up my garage, and turned one part of it into my current shack. There is plenty of space, and I share it with my wife and kids. This is quite different from what I was used to, in the Netherlands, when I had a shack in the attic!

2004: At the moment, I am still active in the hobby, but have very limited time due to work and being a busy dad !

Whenever possible, I like to DX, and chat with my Dutch radio friends on 14.345 Mhz. Those of you, who are reading this and never met me on the air, please have a listen on 14.345 Mhz (between 07:00 and 09:00 UTC), depending on time of the year and propagation. You can also find me during the week, between 18:00 and 20:00 UTC on echolink via ZL1VK-R. That is the time, when I am usually mobile on my way to work.


73 de ZL1RDK




P.s; If you like to contact me please send an email to: