Rod's Vintage Radios & Phonos
(A New Zealand Collector)

Sundry Stuff

Radiola 103 Speaker
1927 Price $US35.00

Amplion Dragon Speaker 1925
Model AR114.

Philips and Mullard Speakers - These were designed and made in New Zealand in 1954 so are sought after models.  Price then $US5.00.

Philips Sevenette Speaker 1930.
Used with the model 2510 radio.

Gecophone No 1
Crystal set 1923.
Sold for $US7.00
Has the BBC stamp.

Coloured Getter tubes.
They make a great display.
Tubes are some of my favourite things and I have plenty to swap, both vintage and audio.

De Forest Audions and a couple of other vintage tubes.
Would swap  good stuff  for a single or double wing


New Zealand




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