Mantel radios

Rod's Vintage Radios & Phonos
(A New Zealand Collector)

Ekco model AD75. 1940.
Made in England in the early war years as an economy set , a green one sold recently for $US25,000.00!!

Radiolette Model 37.
5 valve set made in 1937 in Australia and now very collectable.

Radiola 20 TRF 5 valve. 1925.
Price then $US180.00. Very well made and easy to service.

Grebe Syncrophase MU1 1925
5 valve TRF. Price then $US180.00
A classy set with gold plated metal escutcheons.

Crosley Super Trirdyn Special
Made in 1925 and sold for $US60.00. Not a very well made set.

Atwater Kent 90 - 1931
7 valve. My first vintage radio. Cost me $US2.00
45 years ago..

Kriesler 4 valve Radiogram
Made in Australia

Ekco SW86. 6Valve all wave 1936 model. Our first home radio

Zenith Waltons
Need I say more!


New Zealand




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