Rod's Vintage Radios & Phonos
(A New Zealand Collector)

Majestic Model 300A 11 Valve  1932. Called a Church model as the front has stained glass windows and simulated organ pipes.

Philco Chairside 16RX
1933  11 valves  Price $US195
With separate speaker and remote control.

Radiola 64. 1927. 11 valve
Price then $US550.00. Magnificent radio, imagine paying that price in 1927.

RCA/ Victor Radio Phono Combination 1924
Victor windup phono and the Radiola 111A chassis.

Zenith Shutterdial 1938
Model 5907 in a great Art Deco cabinet.

Radiola 66 1929
Tapestry front panel.
Sold then $US225.00.

Atwater Kent Kiel Table Radio
Model 55. 6 valve 1929.
Sold then $US100.00.

Atwater Kent Model 85
1931 with matching burr walnut cabinet. My wife's favourite.

Atwater Kent Model 84
Grandfather Clock Radio.
1931 - One of my favourites


New Zealand




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