NZ Made Radios

Rod's Vintage Radios & Phonos
(A New Zealand Collector)

Mullard model 402 4 valve
made in several colours.
Also sold in the Philips brand . Sold for $US10.00.

Columbus Typical wooden
mantel radio of the 40's.
Columbus is a popular brand to collect in NZ as they made a large range and were well made.

Ultimate 5 valve 1945 model.
Called a Cowshed Radio as the cabinet was made of metal and was ideal for New Zealand cowsheds.

Many more to come - please check again

Pacemaker 5150 6 valve
AC/ Battery. 1951. Largest selling of its type
and was a direct copy of an American model.

Philco 5 valve 1958 model with plastic cabinet. Sold then for $US 7.00. Made in several colours.






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