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Welcome to
  Rod's Vintage Radios & Phonos.
I am a New Zealand collector living in Tauranga.
The collection started while I was at school.  At that time I only collected a few Edison's and a couple of cathedrals. Serious collecting started in 1994 and I now have  several hundred sets. Some of my real treasures were purchased at the Rochester and Elgin swap meets in 1996. I have also secured some items from Internet trading with collectors in several countries. Some New Zealand made radios and accessories seem to be in demand. I am always happy to discuss a Buy Sell or Swap.
If you are a collector and considering a trip to New Zealand, please Email me and I will be very pleased to help, or even if you are not a collector, I would still like to help.

Rod & Sidney - Susan made Sidney to tune the radios.

For those who have never heard of
New Zealand, this is what it looks like.
Only 12 hours from the USA.

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NEW ZEALAND MADE RADIOS are featured here. From 1938 radios were a prohibited import into NZ and this fostered a booming radio manufacturing industry. With the removal of restrictions all production ceased in 1975.

CONSOLE RADIOS are some of my favourites. They take a long time to restore but the beautiful veneers come up like new. This page also has an Atwater Kent Grandfather Clock radio and a Kiel Table radio. Enjoy.

MANTEL RADIOS. This page has a Radiola 20, Grebe syncrophase, Atwater Kent Cathedral, Round Ekco and others.

PHONOGRAPHS. Edison, Pathe, Columbia, are all on this page. Also some records and other bits and pieces associated with phonographs.

SUNDRY STUFF.  Here are some Speakers, Crystal Sets, Tubes (valves ) and anything else that I couldn't find a place for.


Rod Osborne.  P O Box 2098.
Tauranga .    New Zealand.

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