At the time of writing, I've had to dismantle my setup as I had bought another house.
It's a lot smaller so a special purpose garage has been built to accomodate the new layout.
All is not lost though as I've learnt a lot from any mistakes that were made in its construction both in design and in concept. It's also given me the chance to look closely at other layouts and talk with their builders both in problem solving and in gaining advice. The layout below is one that really has my great admiration as it is a replica of one of our local railway stations, with surrounding factories and area. I managed to get these photos when it was on display at the BIG Model Train Show held Oct 6th - 7th here in Christchurch. Built by Roger Bennetts and the era is set in the 60's and possibly up to the 70's. It's just how I remember it from when I was a boy.

Hornby Railway Station

Hornby Railway Station

The top left view is looking south-east. A north bound train to Christchurch is just pulling in.

Top right is about 500 yards further south looking towards The Main South Road down Carmen Rd..

Left photo is the side road to the local fertilizer works where raw sulpher is unloaded.

Hornby looking north    This is looking North towards Christchurch City.

I think Rodger's done a fantastic job on this layout and it was a pleasure to meet him, not just to talk model trains but to compare notes and stories from that era.

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