The lotsa photos page

Love this cartoon.
Depicts what I feel like
first thing in the morning!
This top photo was taken early February 1998
not long after I was discharged from hospital
(We all get crook at some time).
Wd 29 Christchurch hospital. I can't speak
highly enough of the staff there for their
dedication and care to the patients.
The other guy is of course The Wizard of Canterbury. You may have looked at his page/s earlier from a link I gave you.

These two photos were taken early July 1998 as I was sitting my bronze medals for ballroom dancing. My partner was busy lady. Not only did she partner me but two other guys through their medals as well & hey!!! We all passed. Not only that, she also passed her own medals in OSCARS for ballroom, New Vogue & Latin the next day. People like her are un-sung heroes (or heroines) at a dance studio for the time they put in in helping others.
I was real thrilled to pass and in early December 1998 I sat & passed the silver medals for Ballroom, New Vogue & Latin. I still got a long way to go yet  but then if I complete everything there's no challenge left.