What is XPApps?

XPApps is part of the XPFE. XPApps will build an application layer on top of the XPToolkit. The application layer will include a shell and applications services. Our group will design and implement the XP applications that have to do with browsing, such as the web browser, bookmarks, and preferences. Other groups will use our shell and application services to build applications like the editor, and the mail & news client.

Who is XPApps?

Radha Kulkarni
Session History, URL bar, and Search
Steve Lamm
Sidebar and Tinderbox
Bill Law
View source, file download, find, and other UI and plumbing
Chris McAfee
Solaris and other Unix platforms and other plumbing
Travis Bogard
Webshell and other big architecture
Ben Goodger
UI work, miscellaneous doodling
Don Melton (Manager)
Paperwork :-)


XPApps Components
We have started documentation on XPApps components - reusable, extensible "super widgets" that are used in various parts of Seamonkey and that you can use in your own Mozilla-based software. (including the Sidebar, Dialog and Wizard Overlays etc)

Older Documents...

Suggestions, Comments, Contact

Send suggestions comments etc to the XPFE news group: the XPFE newsgroup (recommended), alternatively if you want to contact one of us, our email addresses are above.