REPORT DATE:  31 JAN 1998.
FROM:  RICK --- [surname withheld]. (-USA).
	I want to thank you for your articles on Brownsville. I am an 
ordained minister, formerly of the Worldwide Church of God, and then 
the Church of God, International. Coming from such a background, I did 
not believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit. However, after years of 
study, prayer and fasting about the subject, the scriptural proof is 
	Presently I live on the Gulf Coast, on the Alabama/Florida 
line, just 30 miles from Pensacola. After talking with numerous people 
about the baptism of the Spirit, someone told me that I should go to 
Brownsville and see if I could receive the baptism there. What a 
	I went one time, and at the end of the service, the altar call 
was unbelieveable. People rushed forward to be prayed for, the "pastor" 
shouted "A Fresh Anointing" and swept his arm over the crowd. People 
all around me fell to the floor as if they had been machine-gunned. I 
stood alone in the midst of approximately 50 to 60 bodies, and people 
rushed over those people to receive a similar experience. Again the 
same thing happened, and I was again I was left standing in what was 
becoming a pile of bodies. These people were out cold, as if they had 
been knocked unconscious. Ministers began to move through the crowd, 
praying for people and laying hands on those who requested prayer. I 
was particularly interested in one young girl of about 17 or 18 years 
of age, who stood very rigid, shaking uncontrollably, muttering strange 
noises with her eyes rolled back in her head. I have seen demon-
possessed people before, and I am convinced she was under the influence 
of one or more very powerful demonic beings. The ministers said a short 
(under one minute) prayer for her, laid hands on her and she fell 
backwards to land on the steps of the altar, jerking and convulsing and 
moaning. I stayed for at least an hour more, and kept watching this 
young woman to see what was going to happen. After at least an hour, I 
went to a minister that was working the crowd, and expressed my concern 
for her. He had a lady get a light blanket and put over her, and paid 
no more attention to her. When I left after midnight (and I believe I
was the first person to leave the services), the girl was still on the
steps of the altar shaking and convulsing and no one paying any 
attention to her.
	With all of that happening, I also noticed something else. 
There were at least a dozen gurneys with people laying on them that 
had been brought by relatives or friends for healing. Some had IV's 
connected to them, some had oxygen bottles, and there were also many 
in wheel chairs that could not rush forward to receive "something". 
All during the time I was there I never saw a single minister go to 
any of those people and heal them, or even attempt to. During the 
entire service, I never saw one single person delivered of demonic 
possession, healed of any infirmity, or receive what I would perceive 
to be a true manifestation of the Spirit, such as being able to speak 
in tongues.
	I must say right here that I have not received the baptism of 
the Spirit, and cannot speak in tongues. So I may have a different way 
of looking at things, but I do know what the scriptures teach regarding 
this subject. I went there wanting to be filled with the Spirit, the 
HOLY Spirit, and all I saw were people falling down, some barking like 
dogs, many jerking like stand-ins in a horror movie, and people being 
walked on after they hit the floor by people being totally selfish. Am 
I missing something here?
	May I ask a question? As an ordained minister, seeking the 
baptism of the Spirit, where do I go? I will not go back to Brownsville. 
Tonight, as I am writing this letter, a close friend of mine is there. 
He came from 400 miles away to see the Brownsville experience first 
hand, and wanted me to accompany him. I refused...
... [ADDITIONAL]... REPORT DATE:  1 FEB 1998:-
        .... As an interesting sidelight, my friend that came to visit 
this weekend went to Brownsville, and witnessed some of the same things 
that I did - no healings, no deliverance, no miracles - just jerking, 
gyrating and falling down. He did make one very interesting observation 
- he said he was watching the crowd, and it seemed to be almost all 
young people that were heavily involved in the most physical displays 
of "whatever." The older people seemed to be more reserved and watching 
to see what was happening.

FROM:  CATHY WOOD  (via  Jim Wies' distribution List).

[NOTE:  The following email, by a woman who is prominently involved at 
Pensacola (- a leading member of their prayer ministry team), was 
publicly forwarded to us via Jim Wies' PRO-PENSACOLA List. We publish 
it in it's entirety]:

Hope these latest reports from Brownsville thrill you as much as they do 
Jim Wies
From:  SisterWOOD

Written to a friend about the Gott's visit to Brownsville

Dear Cathleen, 
You asked me what's up....
so....... here goes!
The Gott's (Ken and Lois) from Sunderland England are here..for conference
at Brownsville.  (Mrs. Kilpatrick just got home from their church also...)
Well... they seem to have an impartation for intercession and going a bit
deeper in the river...!!!
They prayed for the prayer team last night for about 45 min. before 
church. It was such a strong anointing. The room was full of everyone of 
us behaving as if electricity was charging thru us in huge waves. Uncon-
trollable yells were coming out of us... As a matter of fact... Ouch..
they are hitting me as I try to describe it. My head keeps getting 
swallowed up by my shoulders in huge jerks as "OHHHH!" comes out of my 
mouth as as if my voice and body are synchonized. Last night...my head 
seemed to get so much lower than my shoulders that at one point, my head 
was in my blouse..ha ha ha ha ha.. I am starting to laugh now........................ 
whoa............... Oops...there I go again!
Some time between 6:15 and 7:00 my earrings broke off... Who knows how 
or when???? Maybe My shoulders did it!!!
It all started early on Friday..yesterday.. when Lila, our head inter-
cessor lead us in some worship. The Glory fell and we knew that this day 
was going to be a great finish to the conference. In the afternoon, Mrs. 
Kilpatrick talked to the conference attendees and mainly spoke to the 
wives of ministers and how God wants to set them free from the pain and 
cares they have been under. We had a time of praying for them and the 
presence of God was tremendous. Intercession was taking place for them...
and the Glory was there.
By the time the Gott's came to pray for us at 6:15...we had been soaked 
in the anointing and were ready to be re-filled. 
Its funny that God would send us "More" when we were getting to the point 
of saying THERES MORE but sometimes deep inside I was wondering if we 
really had gotten all we were going to get and now our mission was to 
give out what we had received. We have grown accustomed to feeling the 
presence of God at the level we are around  on a regular basis. We don't 
take Him for granted but we get to the point sometimes where we can 
"handle" it easier. Well, after those prayers last night, we were mani-
festing like we did in the beginning..only louder. Trying to walk was 
harder. Going in a straight line and completely upright was nearly 
impossible for the the whole night. Staying silent was also nearly im-
possible. The OH's came without thought or fore-knowledge that it was 
about to come.

I was assigned to pray in the Chapel last night. I was excited to pray 
after all I had received this week...
The people were very hungry to be touched by God. My partner, Darlene, 
had been powerfully touched in the prayer room too so we FELT the 
presence of God swirling around us as we prayed. Most people were visibly 
shaken by the Holy Spirit... we think.... Both of us seemd to be in a 
woozy spititual condition and I know my eyes had a hard time focusing. :-)  
Darlene did fall over one time with the person she was praying for..and I 
nearly did. The Spirit seemd to rush right through the person being 
prayed for and hit the catcher too. My knees kept giving out and I'd end 
up in a sqautting postion going "OHHHHHHHHH!"
Elmer came to the chapel to clear us out around midnight but we went to 
the main building where it was still packed. Many teams were still pray-
ing so I decided to get prayed for again. I got Pastor Shumway from 
another AOG to pray for me. As he turned toward me..I started deep bowing 
until he touched my head and then I went electric until I crashed to the 
floor. My head was trying to hide in my blouse again.. ha ha ha ha .. my 
pockets emptied.. my tags and certs were everywhere. I could see them but 
I couldn't get them. Some people around me tied to help me up but it was 
no use...My legs would not hold me up. I don't know how long I was down 
but when the lights started going out (Sweet Elmer strikes again!) I made 
myself get up and wobbled in a bent over postion all the way to the car. 
I did the OHHH's all the way. No one pays any attention to people like 
me anymore..its a common sight here but for a prayer team member..who can 
manage  alot of anointing, its a bit unusual to be so overcome. I had to 
set my cruise control on the car to 35mph or else I would find myself 
slowing down to 20 mph as I boxed the air in intercession all the way 
I had spent 15 hours at church yesterday...and was never tired like you
might think. AT one point after lunch, I thought.. I need a nap.... but 
then I heard that we would be praying for people at 3:00 and that 
excitement woke me up as the expectancy of seeing God move over these 
ladies! I dreamed of  being at church while I slept. Jerks woke me up 
several times. It was very nice. When I got to the lab this morning and 
picked up some photos of the Gott's praying for some others the day 
before... I start the bowing and had to stop looking at them in public!!! 
Instead of the loud OHH"S.. I had some more quiet EWE"S.. ha ha ha ha... 
that poor Lab....they know me by now!!!
I will write about the Banner service and Golden Altar service later..but
since you asked what was UP... I just had to tell you while this is so 


Reflections on the Brownsville "revival" in Pensacola.. 

In the summer of 1996, Charisma magazine published an extensive 
article on the "revival" taking place at the Brownsville Assembly of 
God in Pensacola, Florida. Great care was given to describe this 
"revival" as being quite different from the Toronto Blessing.  
Throughout the article, it was claimed that this was in fact an 
authentic revival with repentance and salvations occurring nightly.. 
in the tradition of the great revivals of the past.

I felt an urge by the Holy Spirit to make a detour on my family 
vacation and visit the Brownsville Assembly of God.  So with great 
anticipation and expectation I arrived in Pensacola late on a Friday 
evening in August.  The next day we drove out to the barrier islands 
that lie off the coast of Pensacola and witnessed the devastation of 
two recent hurricanes that had come inland at Pensacola (a rare 
phenomenon for two hurricanes to enter at the same point in such a 
short span of time).

I felt the timing of these powerful storms and the "revival" taking 
place were not coincidental and that the Lord was speaking to me 
through things I was witnessing in the natural but I had no idea yet 
as to the interpretation of these events.  We also visited an old 
military fort, Fort Pickens.  As I toured the fort, the guide 
informed us that Ft. Pickens was the only fort that remained loyal to 
the Union during the American Civil War, the other three forts that 
guarded the harbor at Pensacola were taken over by the rebel 
confederacy forces that fought against Ft. Pickens.  Miraculously, 
though surrounded and outnumbered and cutoff from the mainland, 
Pickens never fell. It was supplied from the sea.  

With these images in my heart, I was still unsuspecting as to what 
waited for me at the Brownsville Assembly of God.  I got to the 
meeting early, excited at the prospect of perhaps seeing a true 
revival, something I know every believer of Jesus Christ longs to see 
in the church.  It is so desperately needed. As I talked with those 
waiting, everyone encouraged us that our long trip would not be in 
vain, that we would be greatly blessed.  I purchased some booklets in 
the lobby excited to learn more about what God was doing.  

Finally, the meeting began with worship.  My excitement and 
enthusiasm quickly vanished.  Something seemed very wrong to me.  I 
thought maybe I was expecting too much.  The worship was very typical 
of the modern contemporary worship that I had been accustomed to, 
most of the songs familiar, but something didn't seem right in the 
Spirit..  Then the manifestations began.  Young girls walking around 
gesturing as though they were mentally ill.  One of the worship 
leaders, a female, collapsed on the floor during the worship where 
she remained for a long time.  I kept telling myself.. keep an open 
mind. I kept asking God.. is this you.. if this is you, give me a 
peace in my spirit.  It never came.  As the speakers began to share, 
I became increasing disturbed.  They spoke of the mystical appearance 
of the river on that fateful Sunday in June of 1995 and how its power 
swept into the building and changed everything.  They went on and on 
about manifestations, particularly about bizarre behaviors in which 
they believed they were birthing things through intercession.  The 
pastor's wife spoke and the entire time she was on the platform she 
jerked uncontrollably as she told stories of phenomenon.  Finally, I 
could stand it no longer.  I looked at my family and said let's get 
out of here.  They were quick to agree. I left the materials that I 
had purchased on the church parking lot.  I didn't even want to take 
them in my car.

At first, I was devastated.  I was so disappointed.. so confused.  
Why would God send me to witness such a spectacle.  I thought surely 
I missed God, either in the decision to come.. or the decision to get 
up and leave.  As I wept before the Lord, sought His face over the 
next few days, I realized why he had sent me.  The hurricanes were a 
warning.  Mighty storms are devastating the church.. the storm 
generating from Pensacola, Florida will be twice as devastating and 
will come in two phases.. like the two hurricanes.  Pensacola has 
allready been the sight of great religious deception with the murder 
of an abortion doctor.  What is being heralded as good is bringing 
untold destruction.  I also realized that we are about to enter a 
period of "civil war" in the church, a battle between the true church 
of true faith which will be like Fort Pickens and the deceived church 
in rebellion and a counterfeit spirit like the three forts which were 
taken over by enemy forces.  Those who know the truth, who are loyal 
to the kingdom, will be under great assault but as we look to God, 
look to the sea of His faithfulness, we too will be supplied and we 
will be able to stand and be victorious in the end.  

The deceptive power of the enemy is awesome and adaptive.  The folks 
promoting Pensacola are cleverly answering the objections that have 
been made to the Toronto Blessing.  They are now packaging this 
revival as authentic, patterned after the revivals of John Wesley's 
day.  This is deception and I believe with all my heart that the 
spirit operating at Pensacola is a religious spirit, a counterfeit 

They talked about the river, they talked about manifestations of 
power... the Spirit of God inside me did not bear witness that this 
"revival" was of Him.

As I have thought about this emphasis on the river, I was reminded by 
the Lord that another culture worshipped a river.. it was the 
Egyptians.  I admit this river theology that is developing frightens 
me.  It makes the river the source, it makes the river the focus of 
faith.  Let me give you an example from Naman the Syrian general.  
Advised by the prophet to dip in the river seven times to be cured of 
leprosy, he obeyed and was healed but he went back to the prophet to 
give glory to God.  He knew the source of the healing wasn't the 
river.  The error I see in this emphasis on manifestations is this:  
Our journey is no longer toward the prize of the high calling, we 
must simply get to the river.  Christianity is no longer taking up 
the cross and following Jesus, it is a resort experience by the 
"river."  I am also reminded of Lot's decision to migrate to the 
valley by the river and the wealth of Sodom and Gomorrah while 
Abraham remained apart from the world on the mountain at Hebron.  

Not only has Charisma magazine been promoting the Pensacola revival, 
but other charismatic ministries are joining the bandwagon.  I have 
been receiving Hosanna Worship/Integrity Music tapes and CD's for 
many years now.  I recently returned one for the first time.  It was 
the worship music from the so-called "revival" at the Brownsville 
Assembly of God.  I want to encourage everyone who has seen the 
deception of Toronto not to be fooled by Brownsville.  I believe it 
is the same deception with a slightly different packaging.    But it 
is being touted by Charisma, by Integrity Music and others as the 
real thing.  

Let me be clear.  I am just a little lamb.  I have no credentials.  I 
have no training.  I am just a seeker after Jesus Christ that tasted 
the "revival" at Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola.. and even 
though I have never tasted a true revival, I know in my heart, and by 
the Spirit of God, that this is not revival.  May we humble ourselves,
pray, turn from our wicked ways and seek His face, then we will 
experience true revival..

REPORT DATE:  19 FEB 1997.

A group from our church, including our pastor, visited the Brownsville
Assembly of God. We had heard about all the lost souls that were
supposedly getting saved, and how wonderfully God was supposedly moving.
We genuinely thought this was going to be a really great move of God...

As I sat there in the balcony, I couldn't help noticing all the weird,
strange things people around me were doing. I thought "there surely are
a lot people here with nervous tics, and Parkinson's disease." I truly
thought that was what was the matter with them. But, I felt so uneasy,
like something wasn't right, yet I couldn't figure out what it was. Well
some of these people whom I thought had a nervous tic began to get worse
as the service progressed, and some began to laugh and scream - a blood
curdling scream. It was at this point of the service that I decided that
all these people were demon opressed, and didn't have nervous tics at
all. It was quite a disturbing thought as there were so many of them,
and I thought I've never seen anything like this in all my life!!!! I
closed my eyes and prayed "Dear Lord please let this be the night these
people are delivered from this horrible demonic opression. In Jesus
name, Amen."

Steve Hill got up to preach, and mostly told stories, showed us his
dictionary that he'd bought with scriptures in it, told us not to
analyze this "move of God", and that we'd better receive it if we didn't
want a stamp of disapproval from Jesus. I sat there as he was speaking
thinking "this man's words are dead, there is absolutely no annointing
on him - none." I was still trying to figure out what was wrong with this
whole picture when our pastor got up from the choir where he was
sitting, and walked up to the balcony where the rest of us were. It was
very obvious that he was greatly disturbed and he said to us "we've got
to get out of here, there is something really wrong,"  we all agreed!!
all of us managed to get out to the parking lot where our pastor told us
that the strange, wicked looking movements we were seeing in the balcony
were in fact happening all through the audience. Our pastor said that
the true Holy Spirit impressed strongly that we should not let them lay
hands on us, for the spirit that was causing all the epileptic type
symptoms and chicken walking etc. is passed by the laying on of hands.
The Holy Spirit impressed strongly that we were not only to leave , but
that we were to never go back.

It was like we had somehow fallen into a real life horror movie!!!! I
still can hardly believe what I saw with my own eyes... Those people are 
not being saved; they can say the sinner's prayer all day long, but 
unless the true Holy Spirit is there to do the work of regeneration they 
cannot be saved. The Spirit of the Lord must draw a person to Christ, 
and He was not there... This is the great deception...

REPORT DATE:  26 FEB 1997. 
[This is an eyewitness account of what occurred when 'Brownsville'
began to flood into the church that this gentleman attends].

In September of 1996 the board of elders in our church sent the senior 
pastor away for a much needed sabbatical (about a month).  As best as 
I am aware, he spent two weeks on vacation somewhere in Florida and
two weeks at, you guessed it, Brownsville Assembly of God.  He and his 
wife came back in very jovial moods.  His wife testified how God had 
delivered her from depression.  They both testified how they had been 
slain in the spirit many times during the two weeks they were there.  
After he returned others began to go to Brownsville.  Honestly, I 
hadn't noticed anything strange about these folks.  Contrariwise, they 
seemed to be more open in their worship to God.  

Last Sunday (3 days ago), several young people returned from Browns-
ville.  Three of the young ladies (16 year old range) exhibited "the 
jerks" and "writhing like a snake" manifestations.  Neither one of 
these girls would have ever acted like this before, and two of them 
were down right shy!  These were manifested in our Sunday evening 
service and they were not in control of themselves.  They sat in their 
pews looking as though they belonged in a mental institution.  Many in 
the congregation were laughing at what they saw.  I confess, I started 
to laugh also but did my best to hold it in not deeming the situation 
that funny.  On Monday morning during the opening exercises at the 
church school (grades 1-12, A.C.E.), my daughter told me that the 
normal 15 minute opening exercises lasted over two hours during which 
the manifestations of the previous mentioned three girls were passed 
over to many in the school.  My wife, after hearing this, became very 
disturbed and concerned and requested of me that both she and I would 
attend the opening exercises on Tuesday, ie. yesterday.  The school 
went through their pledges, etc and then the pastor preached.  His 
sermon dealt with getting more of God but to get more of God one would 
have to get all their sins under the blood, deny themselves completely, 
and make themselves or put themselves in the way of a blessing.

He mentioned that a hindrance to the blessings of God would be if the
students thought: "What would people think if I started "jerking" or 
got "slain the spirit".  This was quite emphasized even though all the 
while the pastor would inject that "this isn't about manifestations".  
He also emphasized how the children would be playing a big part in the 
revival that was to start in our church.  Well, the sermon ended and 
then the music started and the altar call began with one student after 
another going up to the altar.  One thing that was very disturbing is 
that only one song was played, a 30 second piece that goes "Anointing, 
fall on me, anointing fall on me, let the power of the Holy Ghost fall 
on me, anointing fall on me." Remember that the altar call lasted at 
least one hour with this song being played over and over just like a 
MANTRA!  The manifestations began again, beginning with the girls I 
previously described and then passing from them over to other children.  
Several began to jerk, especially the girls.  Why the girls?  The 
children just went from one to another laying hands on one another.  
Beyond what I witnessed on Sunday evening, the following manifestations 
were seen: Uncontrollable weeping, staggering, unable to stand, stuck 
to the floor, writhing like a serpent, crawling on hands and knees, 
mooing, exhaustion.  These manifestations are given as manifestations
among those involved with kundalini/shakti on a chart that I have in 
front of me.  After at least an hour of this, the children went back 
to their pews, but not until the music had stopped of course, and they 
just sat there, quiet, not saying a word for at least another 1/2 hour.  
One of the original three girls stood up and said this was a sovereign 
work of God, crying all the time.  One of the school teachers said that 
it was good for the kids to be resting now, that it was good to rest 
after having been in the presence of the Lord.  

My daughters are not in school today and they won't be in school any-
more until this thing is settled.  This is crazy.  I've experienced 
God's power, I've experienced being baptized with the Holy Ghost, but 
never in my life did such experiences leave me exhausted or in a state 
of bewilderment like these young people seemed to be in...  

REPORT DATE:  26 FEB 1997.
[This report gives further insight into the 'manifestations' that 
have been ocurring right around the world].

I am writing you concerning a personal experience I had with the evil
spirit in several churches in America.  The spirit of the adversary
(2 Thess 2:4)" who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is
called God, or that is worshiped so that he as God sitteth in the 
temple of God, shewing that he is God."

I was invited by a friend to visit a church of a great pastor with a
powerful healing Ministry, I had a dream the night before I went.  In
that dream I was fighting a big snake with a sort of big knife, during
the fight the blood of the snake fell upon the middle of my head.  At
the time I could not understand, even though I knew Lev 17:11, Gen 
9:4, Lev 17:14, "For the SOUL of the flesh is in the BLOOD." I could 
not believe that the spirit of the serpent could dwell inside of me, 
because I was and I am still a Christian. Jesus Christ gave me victory 
over my sins, changed completely my life and set me free.  I am very 
grateful for calvary, I would never willingly forsake the prince of 
peace for the powers of darkness.

As planned I went to the church, I could not get inside the church
because it was already filled with people.  I attended to the service 
at the overflow room also crowded, where there were a big screen TV 
and some good loud speakers.  In the middle of the service, while this 
great orchestra with the choir and the assembly of God people were 
singing worship songs, the pastor asked every body to stand up and to 
lift up our hands.  Couple minutes after that I did so, my hands 
started to shake and very soon all my body was trembling vigorously.  
The best way to describe it is, I was like a tree "shaken of a mighty 
wind". Inside the church many sick people testified that they were 
healed, and hundreds felt the manifestation of the spirit.  In spite 
of the dream I was very glad, I said to myself I have received the 
Holy Spirit even though I knew what Jesus Christ said in Mc 13:21-22 
and in Mat 24: 24-25 "For false Christ and false prophets shall rise, 
and shall shew SIGNS and WONDERS, to SEDUCE, if it were possible, even 
Yet I could not believe that the spirit of the serpent could dwell in 
me that easily because I did not invite him.  Gen 3:1 "Now the serpent 
was more subtil than any beast of the fields which the Lord God had 

So since then I had a spirit inside of me, any time I started to pray,
in a matter of seconds the spirit would come, taking control little by
little over my body.  The manifestations were so strong, that I think
even if I was entirely crippled, at those moments the spirit could 
make me move and walk, because my body was doing with astonishing 
strength motions, that I did not do, and that I could not do at that 
surprising speed.  I went back to this church of this TV Evangelist 
four other times only once the spirit did not fall upon me.

I went to two other churches where the manifestations were also 
strong. One preacher was so powerful, he does not touch people he only 
says something and they fell down and lay on the floor.  One could 
easily count on the fingers the number of worshipers who were not 
"slain in the spirit".  On the floor some were doing the "holy laugh-
ter", some were making strange noises, some were shaking and others 
were lying down frozen like dead.  The spirit in me was making me 
gently dance with the songs, but from time to time it was so strong 
that I was thrown back violently to my seat, with my head leaning in 
the back. If the seat was not behind me I wonder what would happen to 
me.  I went three times to see the manifestations and every time the 
spirit was very strong on me.

One day, while I was at home playing a worship CD of the first 
church's orchestra the spirit fell once more upon me.  I played more 
songs from other Christian artists the spirit was enjoying them, and 
was making me dance slowly.  An idea came to my mind, I decided then 
to test the Spirit. 1 John 4:1 "Beloved believe not every spirit, but 
try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets 
are gone into the world." While I was on my knees, at the end of a 
song I swiftly changed the CD, and played a non Christian song, a 
popular dancing song a fast rhythm, the spirit was very glad, and was 
making me dance in a very sexy manner, with my hips.

Now no more doubts, I clearly realized that it was the spirit of the
Anti Christ spoken in 2 Thess 2: 9-12: "Even him, whose coming is 
after the working of satan with all POWER and SIGNS and lying WONDERS, 
and all deceivableness in them that perish; because they received not 
the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause 
God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 
That they all might be damned who believe not the truth, but had
pleasure in unrighteousness."

Matt 24: 11 "And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive 
many."  2 Thess 2: 8 "And then shall that wicked be revealed, whom the 
Lord shall consume with the SPIRIT OF HIS MOUTH, and shall destroy 
with the brightness of his coming."

Knowing that I have received an evil spirit in a church was one thing,
getting rid of that spirit or spirits was another thing.  How could I
ask Christians to pray to set me free of a spirit that they believe to
be the Holy One?  So there I was alone against those demonic powers,
with the knowledge that many churches have already been defeated.  
Even then my hope was in Christ, I did not panic I was sure He would 
not forsake me.  So I did what He said should be done in those cases I
fasted and I prayed, for three days and three nights I was drinking 
only water.  On the third night, I was too tired to sleep well, but I 
had a very short dream.  I saw two huge hands up in heaven, and the 
right one was pointing the finger downward at me.  I could not under-
stand until I read Luke 11:20: "But if I with the finger of God cast 
out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you." Since then 
the manifestions of the spirit or spirits ceased, by the grace of 

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