by Robert Holmes.


During the past thirty years Christianity has been in serious decline. 
The so-called 'flower power' generation (the Baby Boomers) began to run 
after eastern religions, search for god in nature and experiment with 
mind bending drugs. They shall be renowned as the generation which threw 
away sexual restraint, cast off definitions of fixed moral boundaries, 
rebelled against authorities- church and state, and proclaimed a breed 
of morality which is almost exclusively self-centred.

The catch cry of the 60's became 'if it feels good, do it!'. It is
interesting to note some of the sociological changes which has come 
about as a result of this explicit cultural inheritance today's social 
leaders embraced. Australia has seen a marked increase in substance 
abuse, legalisation of many forms of drugs, promotion of homosexual 
'equality', euthanasia made legal in one territory, one of the highest 
rates of youth suicide in the world and more violent deaths from gun 
shots each year than Australians who were killed in the Vietnam war. 
Likewise we have seen rampant abuses of power among senior management 
in both corporate business and in government departments, especially 
the police. Divorce rates, child abuse, pornography, and child care 
attendance are increasing, and surprise, surprise: church attendance 
is in decline! 


Three times in 1995 the Lord warned me of a shocking thing which he is 
about to do, a new and serious judgement that is being passed on the 
'Boomers'. The Baby Boomers are, by and large a self centred generation. 
They focus on their needs, their fulfilment and satisfaction, their 
church growth and reputation. By and large they do not care for Gen-
eration X which is why sociologists call them 'the lost generation'. 
They are fatherless. They have only trainers and counsellors, because 
they have been abandoned. They have been cast into child care facilities 
as their parents chase fleeting wealth. They have been palmed off with 
guilt money instead of receiving love! 

But God's plan for these very last days is to raise up fathers for the
young. "Lo, I will send you the prophet Elijah before the great and 
terrible day of the LORD comes. He will turn the hearts of parents to 
their children and the hearts of children to their parents, so that I 
will not come and strike the land with a curse." (Mal 4:5). He has 
tested this current generation and found them lacking. He has weighed 
them, and they have not moved the balance. His intention for fathers to 
come in the spirit of Elijah has been passed on to Generation X. There 
are a few rare exceptions to this, who actually have a father's heart. 
But because of the majority, He is about to do a new thing...


The Lord desires that their children (Generation X) not follow in the 
ways of their ancestors. He is looking for an obedient, steadfast, 
faithful and true generation- a righteous generation to rise up as a 
banner against the tide of humanism, occultism and wayward behaviour 
sweeping against us. His agenda is to raise up a chosen generation 
which will take a radical stand against such things, and take on the 
image of Christ! "Righteousness shall be the belt around [their] waist, 
and faithfulness the belt around [their] loins." (Isa 11:5). And they 
shall be seen by all the world, and shall triumph over the sin of their 
fathers. God declared by the prophet Isaiah that, "On that day the root 
of Jesse shall stand as a ensign to the peoples; the nations shall 
inquire of him, and his dwelling shall be glorious... He will raise a 
banner for the nations, and will assemble the outcasts of Israel, and 
gather the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth." 
(Isa 11:10 & 12 NKJV)

I believe that the Lord is about to move on behalf of the lost gener-
ation. He declares "these sons of mine were dead and are alive again; 
they were lost and now are found!"(Luke 15:24 paraphrased). Very few 
of the current leaders in the church will be allowed to partake of 
what God is about to do in the earth. Very few will be allowed to lead, 
because they have corrupted the young, and then cast them off. He is 
about to raise up His mighty hand, put on strength and display His power 
through the weak, the outcast, the lowly, the young.


Whilst it may be God's agenda to raise up a new standard we must be 
very careful not to judge our present leaders. There are some faithful 
leaders today, there are some fathers. In the same way, young people can 
disinherit themselves from God's coming move by following in the ways 
of their ancestors. Generation X has many of the same fruits of their 
fathers: selfishness, absorption in entertainment, abusing drugs, lack 
of sexual restraint, rebellious and in many cases violent. They must be 
very careful not to get proud. Each must repent of what they have done, 
and what ever failure we have made, then stand for His holiness.

We must cry with David, "Search my heart, O God, and know my ways, try 
me and see if there be any wicked way within me". We should cry out to 
God to raise up his leadership, and for godly elders to raise up the 
Timothy's. We must counsel those in Generation X to be looking to raise 
up those younger than they (Generation Y, born 1981 to present). Those 
who are part of the Baby Boomer generation should seek Paul's heart and 
raise up the Timothy's. And the younger men, seeking to be like Timothy 
should go out and father the youth. In this way we shall be ready to 
partake of God's divine agenda in this day, and take part in the great 
harvest coming, when it will just not do to be an instructor, but rather 
to be a Father.

God bless you all.

Robert Holmes,
Sydney, Australia.


'A Generation which Strayed from God' copyright (c) Robert Holmes, 1997.
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